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Originally posted by Kulia Makani many years ago at her now-defunct website.

Cytat :
Do you want to write a story or just have storyling lying around? Maybe someone will pick up the story line and write a Jewel Rider story on it. I will also accept storyling for the book series.

  • The former Heartstone carrier saw Tamara as a child at the Heartland farm. Every since then she been watching and waiting, slowly preparing her for the responsibility of becoming a Jewel Rider. Now it is time for her to step down and pass the stone to Tamara, but will she be ready?

  • Three young men and wolves join to formed the Pack. Each came from a different background, but they had to learn to work together as a team.

  • Princess Kale has been lead to believe she would be the next queen and jewelrider. When her younger sister Anya was chosen heir and Jewel Rider, Kale must deal with her anger and disappointment before it can consume her. Will she succeed?

  • Jared and Anya meet when they were younger. How did love bloom?

  • Kale has broken from her stone confinement, but the world of Avalon has moved on without her. Even the trusted Merlin is no long there to guide the new generation of Jewel Riders. Finally Kale can have everything her heart desire or does she still wants it?

  • Finally the real question will be answer who do Gwenevere love. Ian and Derek compete for Gwen love as they go through one competition after another to prove there love. (If I have to write it, I'm going to let Derek win.) It goes down to the final competition, will Derek get there in time or will Ian carried the princess off in the sunset.

  • The Wizard Jewels splits from the Sunstone when Gwen gave up the position as Jewel Rider. Now the Wizard Jewels are calling people around Avalon to claim them as their own. (I know the One Jewel was given to Merlin in place of the his broken jewel in the first season, but it doesn't help the story if Merlin have the Jewel.) Will the new Jewel carriers become a part of the Jewel Riders or will they form their own group?

Sneak Preview 1

Her hands gripped the reign of the horse, slowing the powerful beast down. Carefully dismounting, she spied on a small girl in the distance and watched. The girl had long pink hair undone from her ponytail and flying around her face. She stood on her knees cover in dirt beside a pond. Her hand stroked the water as she started to sing.
The stone grew hot against the woman chest, glowing brighter and hotter with every sound from the girl mouth.
"She will be the next holder" the woman though. Her job was done. She found the next person, but she was only a child still barely eight. Will she be ready?
"Are you ready to go, Nightdancer?" Fitting the cloak around her, she mounted and head off through the woods.

"Lady Andrea, the queen is asking for you" A slim elderly man came from the castle, while Lady Andrea just arrived through the gate with Nightdancer trailing behind. His face was long with narrow eyes, and small frown fitting across his face, staring down disapproving at the Lady attire.
"Will you tell the queen, I will be right there or do you think, I should go as I am?"
"Go ahead!" His strong deep voice replied.
"As you wish!" Andrea turned trying to keep him from seeing or hearing the smile on her face. She had spent many years trying to drive him insane.
"I'm disappoint in you…"
Andrea quickly made her way inside the castle cutting off his lecture to Nightdancer. She quickly went to her room-and removed the article of clothing to be replaced with something more appropriate to meet the queen.
"Andrea, please come in." Queen Anya stood in the empty throne room.
"Anya, why have you called for me? You almost drove poor Jeffery up the walls looking for me"
"Have you found the next jewel rider?"
"I believe so. The heartstone reacted to the child. I did some scouting around and found out the child name. Her name is Tamara Heartland; also her parents are Doc and Charity Heartland. They run Heartland Farm, but the only problem is she too young to become a jewel rider yet."
"Then she must be taught."
"You know Merlin. 'The jewel will pick the rider when the person is ready.' We are losing time if we wait for the next jewel riders to come of age."
"I agree, but you could influence her indirectly. The crystal had chosen wisely by picking Tamara for the heartstone. She already has much information since her family raise and train most of the animal use to become jewel rider. Give me some time and we decide how to by pass Merlin just this once."
"Should Dana become apart of this plan?"
"No leave her be. She is business with other important things. How young was she?"
"Around five year of age."
"She is three year older then my Gwenevere. We have a smaller mild jewel that has been using a training jewel a long time ago. It can help her with the controlling a jewel."
"It shall be, Anya."

Sneak Preview 1
Rating: PG

She could feel the rock slowly crumble around piece by piece until at last she was free. Her cape moved with the slight breeze as she stood staring out into the waters.
"She though to bury me within the stone," Kale though balling her fist at her side, "To forget that I once exist. To forever to be imprison in stone." Slowly a smile graced her lips as she said, "Even stones wear away."
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