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 (fanfiction archive) Black Myst by Kulia Makani

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PisanieTemat: (fanfiction archive) Black Myst by Kulia Makani   Nie Lis 13, 2011 10:34 am

Princess Kale has been lead to believe she would be the next queen of Avalon and the wielder of the Sunstone. When her younger sister Anya was chosen heir to the throne, Kale must deal with her anger and disappointment before it can consume her. Will she succeed?

Black Mist Prologue

By Kulia Makani (Tamar or TK)

Disclaimer: Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders do not and will not belong to me. I'm just a fan. Don't sue me.

Fallon stood on top the plateau as the wind blew through her violet hair. The Jewel Riders were put on another assignment right after completing another mission. Raiders had been spotted in the Badlands and it was Jewel Riders obligation to put a stop to the raiding. She carefully guided Moondance down the narrow path to the ground, where the party waited impatiently below.

The Badlands was a series of interconnect mountain range with grooves essential for passage through the area, but leaves the area defenseless to any forms of attack. Mountains and plateau cover both side of path as fortress, providing shelter against the harsh winds coming from the desert. The Jewel Riders and the Pack had provided a fake caravan trip through the passage.

"Fallon, Found anything interesting?" Tamara asked, as she sat brushing the mane of baby unicorn, Cleo. Tamara sat outside beside the carriage on an old folded chair with Cleo head resting on her lap.

"Nothing, I'm starting to believe their are no raiding party," Fallon kicked a stone toward the rock wall, "Was Queen Anya sure it was a raiding party?"

"Yes, by the reports; they only attack at night. When the people went to sleep, they awoken to find their possession were missing."

"Looks like we'll be up all night."

"I see Tamara told you the news," Max came from the behind the carriage. Max was a muscular man with sandy brown hair, blue eyes, and a member of the Pack. His voice was claim and soothing as he continued, "We were inform of our lack of sleep ahead of time,"

"Why were we not inform?" Fallon lashed out at Max.

"This mission was not your concerns until Gwen made it; your concern. Tamara was not told until a few minute before she told you."

"Did Gwen know?"

Max nodded no. Fallon breathed a sigh of relief. She will not have confronted Gwen with her stupid decision again.

"Have the storm past?" Josh said as he and Drake approached the group, "We all know what a temper you have Fallon," Josh tilted his shades on his face, sending Fallon a mocking grin.

"I do not have a temper!" Fallon said, causing everyone to laugh, "Sometime I wonder why I put up with you," Fallon place her head on her hand, rubbing her forehead.

An arrow flew toward the group before several descending upon them. The arrows felled as rain toward the group.

"Get Down!" Drake shouted toward the group.

Coming down both walls, Raiders shimmy down the walls, as the archers cover them with their arrow point toward the travelers.

"Protect the travelers!" Drake held up his forest stone, while the Pack incased the group within a protective shield.

"They are nobility!" Fallon look at the raiders, who was lords, ladies and town members of the near by town "Why are they raiding?"

"Something is not right!" Tamara shouted to Fallon, "Their eyes, its like they are not in control. I will try to reach them with my Heartstone," Tamara began to whisper a rhyme as the Heartstone began to pulsate. A light exploded from Tamara's Heartstone and fell on the area like a firework. One by one the raider fell on the ground as lifeless body.

"What did you do?" Max ran toward them

(Over there Fallon,) Moondance pointed her head toward a fleeing figure of a green creature.

"We should go after it." Tamara got on Moondance after Fallon, as they race toward the creature, "Max, you and the Pack have to take over until we return." Tamara quickly said over her shoulder.

(It looks like a goblin.)

"I hate goblins. They are always sneaky and cunning." Fallon voiced.

"It's getting a ways." Tamara spoke.

The goblin formed a portal and slipped inside, shortly followed by the Jewel Riders. They ended up in world of pastel colors with pink skies, purple trees, and sky blue leaves, grasses, and bushes.

"It look like a painting!" Tamara stared at the surrounding.

"We should not have lost him this fast!" Fallon complained, "We are in pastel world and we looking for slimy dark green creature. It should be east to find."

"We have not lost him yet," Tamara pointed toward the running figure to their left. "Can you catch up with him, Moondance?"

(Oh course,) Moondance began catching up the goblin.

"Use our lasso," Fallon and Tamara held up their jewel and twirl the jewel clockwise as lassos appeared in the air. The entire lassoes caught in the air and swung around the goblin.

"Ye have no right to hold me capture!" the small green goblin yelled out. His two pointed teeth stood out on the corner of his mouth, as his pointed ears wag back and forth.

"Why were you running?" Fallon went down and picked him up by the ropes that held him," What did you do to the people?" Fallon question as she held him up and down, threating to drop him.

"I have not done anything with thy people. I just tying to get away from someone," the goblin said, refusing to be scared by Fallon.

"Can you tell us what happen to the people? Plain people don't just turn into raiders." Tamara asked the goblin.

"I might be able to help thee if ye untie me," he smirk at Fallon.

"I will untie you after you answers our questions. You have my word as a Jewel Rider," Fallon told the goblin.

"It was the black mist fault. Can you untie me now?"

"What is the black mist and where is it locate at?" Tamara questioned.

"The black mist is what it sound like. It is a mist that cover lands, controlling whomever it come in contact with. There are no ways to restore a person except by going to the source. I don't know where the source is, but it started to grow and cover the land where I grew up at. I left quickly before I became a mindless puppet and landed in Avalon. The mist must have came through the portal that I used. Can you untie me now?" Goblin began to get impatient.

Fallon untied the goblin with her stone. The goblin quickly ran away not before he left them a gift.

"I present this to you," the goblin stretch forth his hands to open up a portal, "I know how Merlin pet can not open a portal for themselves. I hope we don't meet again," the goblin stalked deeper within the woods.

"We have to report this the King and Queen," said Tamara, "We need warn everyone to stay away from the area before anyone else becomes affected."

(We can talk about this later. We need to leave before the portal close.) Everyone walked through the portal to be back in the Badlands.

Fallon and Tamara presented to the royal family everything they had learned. Queen Anya and King Jared sat in the center on the throne with Princess Kale to the right of her little sister. The news had brought a quiet silence to noisily throne room, as everyone pay attention to the details.
"You must start right away on the journey to find the cure," King Jared said from the throne as he sat lazy against the sit with his head on his hand.
"I will go with them on this journey," Princess Kale declared to the people, "I am sure you will find me useful." A sly smile graced her lips.
"Are you sure, sister?" Queen Anya asked.
"Never been more sure in my life."

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PisanieTemat: Re: (fanfiction archive) Black Myst by Kulia Makani   Nie Lis 13, 2011 10:44 am

Black Mist Chapter 1
By Kulia Makani

The Jewel Riders stood with their jewels pointed to the sky, with Princess Kale standing in the center.

"Are you ready my students," Merlin stood on the Friendship Circle and began his chant in an unknown tongue. As he spoke the word 'Kirar', a portal appeared in front of them. "Take the jewel and remember, you can only return to Avalon once. Take care!" Merlin presented the jewel to Fallon.

"Princess Kale, you will have to ride with me?" Fallon held out her hand to Kale. With Tamara's help, Kale swung one leg over and pulled herself up with Fallon out stretched hand.

"What are we waiting for?" Kale said hastily, as Tamara quickly pulled herself on the brown stallion.

"Now, we can leave," Fallon held on tight as Moondance started to gallop toward the portal. They quickly disappeared as the portal closed sending them to kingdom hidden in the wild magic.

"So this is Kirar," Kale moved off the unicorn to survey their surrounding. The Jewel Riders were transported into clearing deep inside a woodland area.

"Can you sense anything?" Fallon pulled herself down and stood beside Moondance.

Tamara pulled her jewel to her front. " I can't sense anything!" Tamara moved the Heartstone back to her chest.

"We will not solve anything if we just stand here," Kale stood with one hand on her hips. "I advise that we split up!"

"I don't know. We don't want you to be contaminated..." Tamara hesitantly replied, knowing Princess Kale temper.

"Our armor protects us from the use of magic," Fallon explained. "Princess, you will be unprotected if one use do not go with you." Fallon tried to sound polite, but a little annoyance colored her tone.

(I will go with Kale,) Moondance stated. (My jewel should be able to protect the Princess from whatever comes our way.)

"Are you sure?" Fallon question her friend. "We don't need to split up yet! When we need to, the Princess goes with you."

"Lets split up for hour and scout around. If we see this imaginary mist, we will later know where to go. Do agree?" Kale asked the Jewel Riders. Each nodded their heads in agreement, as Kale pulled out a piece of paper from her pocket.


Little Kale stood facing her little sister as she held a broom and dustpan in her small slender hands.

"Anya, clean that room while I put the book up," Kale dictated to her little sister. Merlin was punishing them for the mess; they made in his small cottage.

"Why can't I straighten this room?" little Anya whined to Kale.

"Because I'm the oldest and I say so!" Kale pushed her through the door. She began picking up books and moving them to the bookshelf. Her small fingers glazed the cover of a small leather book called 'Kirar'.

"What is this," she murmured, looking at the beautiful picture on the cover. The cover had beautiful watercolor scenery of a woodland area with a small red dragon flying in the air. She outlined the dragon with her finger before opening the book. Kale had slide down to the floor as she continued to skim the book of its contents.

"KAAAALLLLLLEEEEEEE!" Anya screamed through the cottage as Kale heard various things crashed to the floor. Kale tucked the book into her pocket before handling a six-year-old Anya.

From time to time, Kale went back to her small book. She read the book until she remembered the words verbatim. Kale held into the book, as it was her lifeline. When she read, Kale began to imagine how it be like if she actually lived in Kirar. Reading the book about Kirar, was her way to unstressed after hours of princess lessons.


A 14-year-old Kale stood in front of the podium where her mother's jewel rested. The jewel felt cold and lifeless as she walked pass each animal holding the jewel. The shine, that she saw every time her mother used it, wasn't there. Her eyes clouded with tears, slowly gliding down her cheeks. She sunk to the ground, crying her eyes out to most of the citizen of Avalon. The 12-year-old Anya ran to her big sister, wrapping her arms around her. Sunstar moved up from its sit on the podium, moving toward Anya and erupting her in a blinding yellow light. Kale's eyes widened staring at her little sister holding the jewel that she supposed to have.

"How could you?" Kale pushed her sister off and run out of the Friendship Circle. "I hate her! She always gets everything!" She pounded her fist into the wall. "Everything!"

"Kale!" Queen Christina walked toward her eldest child. She had the appearance of Kale, with long raven hair and beautiful bright blue eyes.

"It's not fair!" Kale leaned against the wall and stared at her mother with red puffy eyes.

Christina placed her cool hand against Kale warm cheek, titling her face toward her, "Kale, things happen for a reason." She said softly and full of emotion, "You are still a princess of Avalon."

"It's not the same. Anya has everything. Can't I have something for myself, just this once? Now all my training has been for nothing. Anya is the Jewel Rider and future queen!" Kale spat.

"Try to be happy for her," Christina pulled Kale into a hug. "No matter what, you are a princess of this kingdom and you are very important."

After the celebration, she went back into her room. Kale pulled out the book from under her bed for the last time. Pull out several pages from the book, she tossed it into the fire and watched it burn. Her dreams were gone!"


Kale held the paper in her fist, while she got back on top of Moondance.

"Remember just one hour. I don't want to go looking for anyone!" Fallon told the group before walking to the west.

"We will go to the East," Kale said as she recognized a symbol that appeared on the paper.

"That just lead us north," Tamara talked to the horse before mounting up.
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Black Mist Chapter 2
By Kulia Makani

Moondance moved in slow pace. The path slowly became enclose in a strong black mist. It crept on them as a small fog slowly erupting in full fledge black blanket. Kale, a small scrape of paper was clutched in her hand, concentrated on the landmasses ahead. She gripped Moondance's mane as she urged her on.

"Lets keep on," Kale spoke out into the silence. Moondance moved her head side to side before giving up and heading forward.

She trudged on in a cautious pace with her jewel emitting a small area of blue light against the darkness. Kale kept looking for the first marker, moving her head from side to side the back to straight forward again. Eventually, Kale dismounted to the ground and began walking. Moondance walked besides her, eyeing her strangely for a unicorn.

"I can take care of myself," Kale said, as she held her hand up to stop the unicorn from advancing. She slipped through the heavy underground, weaving her way to the clearing that would be at the end. Moondance tried to extend her protection to the princess, who was putting more distance between each other.

"My, how brave we are with ourselves." A voice called out in the opening. Kale moved cautiously looking for the person behind the voice.

"Why act so shy all of the sudden!" The voice teased.

"Show yourself!" Kale demanded.

"What would be the fun of that? We seek the same thing you and I."

"I have no clue what you are talking about," Kale lied.

"I think you know exactly what I mean," he breathed down her neck.

Kale quickly turned around to nothing behind her. "Coward, show yourself!"

"I can tell. You and I are going to have fun," the voice seemed to surround her.

"You have no idea who you are messing with," she said calmly to the voice.

"Oh, who am I messing with?" The voice replied amused.

"Princess Kale of Avalon!"

"Oh, princess, I would love to continue this conversation, but you have something that I want." Kale vision began to cloud over as the world slowly spins before her eyes. She slowly sunk to the ground, when everything became black. A man appeared wrap in a black cape with a hood, covering his face. He reached down and took the paper still clutched in Kale's hand.

"We will meet again, princess," he disappeared as quickly as he appeared.

Moondance felt her shield slowly crumble as a power attacked it. She began to gallop through the woods, searching for the princess. Moondance stopped when she saw the slumped shape of Kale against the ground. She lowered to the ground, trying to use her mouth to pull Kale on her back. After several attempts, she finally moved the body on her back.

(Fallon Tamara, I need you. Something happen to Kale.) She sent a distress call through the jewel.

"What happened?" Fallon's voice was quickly transmitted. Moondance galloped back to their meeting place.

(Something attacked the magic shield surrounding Kale as she insisted to look around alone. I'm going back to our meeting place.)

"Good, then we can find out what is wrong," Tamara's voice came through strain.

Tamara and her horse stood waiting for Moondance as she came into sight. Tamara carefully pulled her down to the soft grass before moving her jewel over the body. The Heartstone glowed taking away all negative energy that she seemed to absorb.

"Is the princess okay?" Fallon jogged into view and kneel down where they sat.

(Yes, it seems.)

"When she wake up, she has a lot to tell us." Fallon remembered.

"If she talks, you know that Kale has small hateur toward us all." Tamara replied sadly.

"Did anyone run into the mist?" Fallon looked as everyone nodded his or her heads. "Then we have no way of knowing where the sources of the mist is at."

Kale held her head in her hand as she slowly moved into sitting position. Her head had a weak throttling, but throttling never the less. She observed the jewel riders were sitting around the fire, while Moondance sat beside her.

"I see you're up," Tamara walked over placing a cup between her slender fingers.

"Oh course, I am," Kale tasted the liquid as its warmth settled in her stomach.

"Can you tell us what happen before you passed out?" Tamara asked her.

Kale looked at Fallon indifferent expression before she turned back to the fire. "I can not remember anything." Kale lied.

"You will remember soon enough, Princess," Tamara patted Kale's hand before walking back toward the fire. Kale searched her pockets for the scrap of paper that was in her hand.

"-you have something that I want." Kale remembered those chill words before she passed out.

"He took it," Kale thought as she clutched her fist. "He will pay for this."

AN: This is harder to write then 'To Elysion'. I'm not much into a cheerful story right now. I have been writing more angst then anything else. I won't consider Kale evil until the end of this story. I want to show her darker side, but not evil Kale yet. I'm sadly trying to get at least 1000 word from this chapter. I'm so close, yet also so far. This story will be center around Kale. She is a character with so much potential. Fallon is my favorite character, but I always side with a villain in every cartoons, Japanese animations, or movies over the hero/heroine.
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Sneak Preview

He sat within the darkness watching the mist drift through his kingdom and to others. In his hand was a scrape of paper with the location of an object, he seek. He spent years looking for the location within his kingdom.

"Damn you Merlin," he threw the glass in his other hand to the hard floor, watching it break into pieces. "You took the only copy of the book of Kirar!" He walked over to a torch and held the paper over the flames.

"It's worthless to anyone born in Kirar," dropping the paper into the flames, he watched as it was completely devour within the fire.

"Your majesty, there are intruders in the kingdom," a short balding man walked into the damp dark throne room.

"I know!"

"Do you want to send the soldiers after them?" the man stood nervously watching the back of his king, who continued to look at the flame before turning.

"No, I will deal with them," his cape fluttered around him as he stared down at his servant before him.

"As you wish, my majesty."

The Jewel Riders began packing their supplies back into the sack on the horse and unicorn.

"We will go in the direction that the princess went," Fallon said as packed the last supply.

"I agree. The path looked more worn then the rest. Hopefully we will reached civilization and find some clues about what's going on," Tamara pulled herself on top of the horse's back.

"Our mission is only to find the cure to the black mist," Fallon reminder her.

Kale sat behind Fallon fuming over losing the paper. She held on tight to Moondance as the unicorn began racing through the forest. Kale remembered word for word what was in the book that she destroyed so long ago. She could feel the power calling her, as they got closer to the location. The power coiled around her, calling her name. Just as before, the mist became so thick, where they couldn't see a few steps a head of them.
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(fanfiction archive) Black Myst by Kulia Makani
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