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 Episode recap: Song of the Rainbow

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It is a beautiful day in Avalon, and among lots of tents, the stagecoach has been parked and extended to become a big tent. "Feel the Magic" instrumental is playing in the background. Every now and then some female garments are being thrown out of the stagecoach. Fallon
is outside grooming Moondance while Sunstar is watching the inside action through an open window.

Suddenly a flying pink garment lands on Moondance's horn, she is surprised and tells Fallon: [They had better hurry Fallon, the craft fare is about to open.]

Fallon says loudly, "I have never seen two girls have so much trouble dressing before." She herself is in her usual outfit. She removes the pink outfit from Moondance and goes into the stage-tent, where Tamara is sitting at a table, applying makeup. There is a flute on a cushion in the corner.

Tamara is wearing the same green dress as she wore Starla's Friendship Ceremony. Starla too is wearing the pink dress she wore to her Friendship Ceremony, and is looking through a chest for something. Archie is conducting Spike, Sugar and Cleo in a final rehearsal before they go on stage, the background song quickens in tempo as Cleo makes a trumpeting like sound with her horn, and Archie falls back onto some cushions where the flute is. "Ooh tempo! Tempo" he moans as he sits up. Unnoticed the flute falls off the cushion. Tamara comes and tells the young unicorn "Cleo that was fine sweetie. But we need a little less err energy".

"You two need to get a move on its getting late." Fallon instructs. "Just a minute" Starla answers, holding up a gorgeous sea green cape, "Tamara try on this cape, it should look really dreamy on you." She holds the cape up against Tamara who looks at her reflection in the mirror. "I can't decide the red or the lavender." Starla groans. Sunstar answers her friend, [The red is nice, but so does the other] Tamara herself ends the debate by saying, "That looks fine" about the green cape. "Yes but for the Riverdells fayre you want to look fabulous" Starla comments.

Archie goes to the mirror and looks at his ruffled fringe in panic! "Quick somebody, comb my feathers!" Sugar the little green dragon, flies over with a brush [here] and combs it into a smart, slick, fringe that is parted in the middle. [Beautiful] she comments, admiring her handiwork. "Oh
you think so?" Archie asks, semi-vainly, semi-unsure.

Everyone now gathers in a circle around Starla who has some last words to say before they go out and perform. "You all look beautiful, and remember we are representing the Crystal Palace so I want everyone on their best behaviour." Archie's fringe now springs back up.


Hiding unnoticed in a nearby tent are the Dweasles, Twigg and Rufus who are eating some stolen apples.
[Heh, heh, I love craft fayres.] Twigg says before scoffing more apples. [Delicious]
However his purple companion Rufus points in the direction of the Jewel Riders, [Look, Jewel Riders.] Twigg immediately starts to choke and spits out his apple.
[If there are any magical bits here, we will sniff them out.] Rufus declares.
His green partner in crime agrees with him [Yes, we will make the Witchy One proud.]
They leave the tent unnoticed by the people around them, and start sniffing out magic.


Tamara and the Magical Babies are to the left of Princess Starla who is centre stage. Fallon and Moondance are to the Princess' right in the wings. Starla is greeting the people of Riverdells.
"Welcome Friends of the first craft fayre at Castle Whiterock. Each year we come together to celebrate the art of the Riverdells, to celebrate together as friends. The craft fayre is now officially opened!" There was no applause so Starla quickly adds "Oh! And now Tamara and her
magical animals will perform a song written especially for you!"
The people cheer at the last statement. Archie walks on stage, bows to the audience before turning around and says to the Baby
trio, "Let's Rock!"
Three musicians start to play "Feel the Magic" song, but Tamara is off stage busy looking for something. "Tamara what are you doing?" Starla asks concerned.
"I forgot my flute." Is the answer she receives.
"Hold on Archie." Starla commands. The music abruptly stops and the crowd and Cleo starts to complain.
"Well I never." Archie says disgruntled.
A short, podgy man in the crowd, right at the front of the stage, now speaks. "My Lady." He calls to Tamara who turns round and looks at the man, who is holding a beautiful harp.
"Yes, good sir." Tamara enquires.
The man blushes slightly at this polite address and presents his harp to Tamara. "I would be very honoured if you would play- this. I made it with you in mind"
Tamara is nearly speechless in surprise. "Good sir, I am the one who is honoured." She takes the harp and begins to play.
"Alright, let's get busy." Archie commands.

#There's magic in the air
Love is everywhere
All our friends are gathered round to celebrate the fare#

The babies start to dance and everyone immediately cheers up and start to clap in time.

#Come and join the fun
Dancing under the sun
Let's wave our hands to all our fans
The party's just begun#

The Harp is emitting pink wild magic which spreads across the fare and is doing strange things to various objects, such as making knifes, forks and plates become animated and play with an orange and bushes transforming into geese. Archie immediately notices this and is a
little bit spooked.

#Feel the Magic, Can you feel it (x3)
Feel the magic
Everyone can help us sing along
Ooh ooh ooh wee ooh wee ooh#

The babies get little yellow smart suits, bow ties and top hats with Sugar and Spike having little walking sticks as they sing along.

#I looked up to the sky
But much to my surprise
Things are changing everywhere
Right before my eyes#

A strange weird music begins to play and a single voice repeatedly addresses Tamara. "Tamara, Tamara, help us."
Tamara is transported to a strange magical place with multi-coloured gems flying in a circle around her. She expresses some surprise but a multitude of voices tell her "Don't be afraid. Find the Rainbow."
After the mysterious gems have given their message, Tamara is returned to the fayre, where she seems to be in a trance.


Rufus and Twigg emerge from the crowd where they have been sniffing the magic.
[Smell that?] Rufus asks, his Darkstone jewel collar flashing.
[You stink, Rufus] Twigg replies. As a result of the harp's magic, Twigg is now wearing a Viking outfit, whereas Rufus is wearing a clown outfit.
[No magic, wild magic.] Rufus insists.
[Oh yes that. I will report to the Witchy One.] Twigg stands in a 'look at me' pose while Rufus directly looks at the viewer with eyes wide open.
[Sniff out the magic.] Rufus proclaims.

#Feel the Magic, Can you feel it (x3)
Feel the magic
Everyone can help us sing along
Ooh ooh ooh wee ooh wee ooh#

Now a row of green bushes have started to dance in time with the music, and the crowd have finally started to notice the strange magic.
"Look at that!" Someone shouts out
"Its that harp." Accuses another.
The man who had given Tamara the harp looks worried and quickly disappears amongst the confusion.
Starla grabs hold of the harp. "Tamara snap out of it!"
[Tamara] Cleo, Spike and Sugar cry out.
"Can't you hear it?" Tamara says, still in her trance.
"Hear what?" Starla is confused.
"The most beautiful voices calling to me." Tamara smiles.
Starla cannot hear them and calls to Fallon. "Fallon, where is the man that gave her that harp?"
Fallon looks around, unable to spot him and answers "He could not have gotten very far." Drake rushes forward to the stage where Starla takes command. "Drake alert the Pack. Find that man! Fallon, help me get Tamara to the Crystal Carriage."
Drake mounts Thunder and holds up his Forest Stone. "Right. Wolf Pack, to me!" He calls through his sparkling Enchanted Jewel.


Moondance and Sunstar look through the open stagecoach window where Fallon and Starla have managed to move Tamara. But she is still stuck in her trance and is playing the harp.
The babies are nearby and are trying to get through to her. [Tamara speak to me] Spikes calls. Tamara's expression does not change.
"Tamara is trapped in some kind of enchantment spell." Archie explains.
[Fallon] Moondance calls. Fallon holds up her hand for quiet. Moondance points towards the open door with her spiral horn.
Fallon tip toes near the door and grabs an eavesdropping Rufus. "Got him! All right you dweasel, what is going on around here?" Fallon demands.
Rufus looks fed up that he got cross. [I didn't do it.] He says.
The humans cannot understand him so Sunstar is going to translate. Sunstar pokes her head next to Moondance and says [Its Rufus. He says he didn't do it.]
"Didn't do what?" Starla asks. She is back in her normal clothes.
Rufus looks shifty. [Whatever you think I did]
Sunstar has an update. [The Pack is back Starla. Thunder says they have caught that little man.]
Rufus has a brainwave. [That little man that's it! Put Heartstone Rider in spell.] He says emphasising his point with gestures. [He's a spy for the Witchy One] He whispers to Fallon.
Sunstar translates. [Rufus says the man works for Kale.]
Starla wants to get to the bottom of this and fast. "Come on I want to question this spy."
They head outside where the Wold Pack is waiting. The man is on his knees. "I didn't do anything. I am a harp maker. Or at least I
try to be."
"You you made this?" Tamara indicates the harp.
"Yes I did your Ladyship for you. I worked so hard to make it perfect." The man blushes.
Tamara smiles. "It is perfect." She starts to play the harp.
"Oh no! Don't play it!" But Archie's warning comes too late. Tamara is again transported to the rainbow like place and the voices tell her "Look for the Rainbow."
"The Rainbow" Tamara repeats. She is transported back and says again, "Look for the Rainbow."
Archie who is flying near her says, "Rainbow? Do you mean the Rainbow Jewel?"
"The Rainbow Jewel" Starla gasps.
[Ha the Rainbow Jewel] Rufus says. He is still being held by Fallon but has now learned some valuable information. The Jewel Riders have forgotten about the real spy of kale.
The harp maker is honestly confused. "I don't understand my Lady."
Starla explains. "The Rainbow Jewel is one of the seven Crown Jewels of Avalon. If you have found one you must tell us. The future of the kingdom depends on it."
"Oh course, Rainbow Falls." Archie says, "The Crown Jewel has returned to where Merlin had first found it."
"I know nothing of a crown jewel, I swear." The man shakes his head. He is telling the truth.
"Look for the Rainbow." Tamara says and then faints. Fallon lets go of Rufus to catch Tamara.
Rufus is overjoyed. [Nah, nah. Oh boy, a Crown Jewel.] He says as he runs away to a safe distance.


Thunder erupts from overhead and Lady Kale appears in her dragon wagon. "Well, well, the Jewel Riders. If you have a Crown Jewel, it is mine!" She announces.
Rufus runs forward to be hidden from the Jewel Riders view by standing in front of a bush and yells [The harp! The harp O Tone Deaf one! The Harp has the magic!]
For an answer, Kale sends out a dark pink beam that surrounds Tamara and the harp, lifting them both off the ground and high in the air towards. Both Starla and Drake miss grabbing her, "Tamara!" both shout out, one after another.
Starla quickly climbs onto Sunstar back, and holds her Sun Stone up high. "By the magic of the Sunstone!" Her jewel armour appears and they take off after Tamara. "Sunstar I cannot risk hitting Tamara. Get us in close." Kale has reeled in Tamara close enough to grab the harp. She then
releases the beam around the Heart Stone rider. Tamara starts to fall back down to earth.
"Yes!" Kale cries out with joy, as Grim starts to make a quick getaway.
[Starla, she's falling!] Sunstar tells her friend as Starla is undecided whether to go after Kale or help Tamara.
Fallon, Drake, and the Babies look up in horror and as one cry out "Tamara."
"I can't bear to look." Archie covers his eyes with one of his wings.
Starla makes up her mind. "Sunstar, take us down!" She catches Tamara just in the nick of time.

"I love music" Kale exclaims, holding up the harp. "Listen to this!" She plays the harp really off-key.
The harp produces lots of spinning vortexes from a portal. It has begun to rain and people are fleeing the Riverdell Fare in panic. Lots of tents and stalls are ruined.

"Wild magic! Jewel Riders let's move." Starla commands from the air. Tamara is still unconscious lying across Starla's lap.
Fallon quickly jumps onto Moondance and holds up the Moon Stone. "By the magic of the Moon Stone." She receives her Jewel Armour. The Wolf Pack hold up their Forest Stones and say as one. "By the magic of the Forest Stone." They too receive their Jewel Armour.

"Hmm, that should keep them busy. Now, the power of the Crown Jewels will be mine!" Kale laughs as she makes her escape through the portal.

Fallon zaps a couple of wild magic mini tornadoes before moving on to the next section. Meanwhile, in the air, Starla and Sunstar are being towards the magic portal.
[Oh we are being dragged in.] Sunstar says as she battles against the current.
"Hold on" Starla tells her winged friend. She uses her Sunstone to clear away the portal. With the source gone, the sky clears and becomes again the lovely sunny day.


The harp maker is still sitting outside the Stage Coach when the Jewel Riders return. "My name is Sorrell, and I had but one dream: to make an instrument worthy of Lady Tamara."
He gets up and indicates Tamara. "I didn't know this would happen."
Tamara speaks softly, "We must find the rainbow."
Archie says "Tamara is locked in the power of the Rainbow Jewel. We have to find it."
Fallon is looking at a map of Avalon on the ground. "Rainbow Falls are on the other side of the county near the Elf Woods"
Drake and Thunder enter and tell Starla, "Princess, the Pack is ready to ride."
"Drake, Kale is bound to use the Travel Trees. Station the Pack at the Travel Trees rings in the area. Let us know the moment she enters."
Fallon steps in. "Someone has got to watch the Babies."
"You're right." Drake answers confused, "but with Tamara in that trance who's..."
He trails off as he exchanges a look with Thunder. "What? You mean me?!"
Cleo is outraged. [What you mean him?] She repeats. The babies surround Drake and Thunder. [He'd better wash my nose carefully, he'd better comb my tail carefully, he'd better...]
"Ah! Tamara!" Drake exclaims in horror and pleads unsuccessfully for help.
"Let's ride!" Starla says, climbing on Sunstar's back.


At a nearby Travel Tree ring, Starla and Fallon are in their Jewel Armour. Sorrell is standing on the ground and Archie is sitting behind Starla, while Tamara is behind Fallon.
Starla holds up the Sun Stone addressing the Travel Trees. "Trees of magic, field and wood. If we may and if we could, travel with you. Take us all if you please to Rainbow Falls."
The Trees become crystallised, "We recognised the sunstone worn by Princess Starla."
"We must get there before Princess Kale." Starla adds.
"We know the outlaw Princess Kale." There is laughter in his voice. "We are expecting her." He adds. A magic portal begins to form and they disappear.


Kale, Grim and the two dweasles appear and the dragon wagon lands with a loud bump on the ground.
"What? Not again!" Kale is clearly fed up.
"Yes, Madam?" The Trees are being mock polite.
"Listen up you magical bits of kindling. Take me to Rainbow Falls and make it snappy!"
"The shopping malls, you said?" The Trees pretend to misunderstand her words.
"No! No! Rainbow Falls!" But the magic portal envelops them.

Josh and Storm are hiding nearby when Kale appears in the Travel Tree ring. "They did it to me again."
Rufus holds up the harp and says [Twigg look at this! I'm a harpist.] [Rock on, Dweasley one.] Twigg replies. Rufus is holding the harp and plays it like a guitar. He changes into an Elvis costume while he and Twigg bop to the bit. [Oh baby, just what I like.]
He throws away the harp in the heat of the moment. It lands a short distance away but it is too far away to reach.
[Oh-oh] They both say looking at each other. But Grim is flying away.


At Rainbow Falls, the Jewel Riders have arrived. Sorrell is walking on foot, and turns to Starla and asks, "What has happened here?"
"The jewel of the Rainbows Falls has returned here. If we don't find it and fast then this entire area will be lost to the wild magic." Starla explains.
[Someone is coming] Moondance says as Fallon points.
Fallon and Starla dismount and hold their jewels aloft. "Halt who goes there?" Starla commands.
Josh and Storm appear. "Whoa, I'm one of you. Good guy." He answers, holding up his hands.
Fallon exclaims joyfully "It's Josh and Stormrunner." Fallon and Starla relax.
"Hey guys look at what I have" Josh holds up the harp.
Tamara gets off Moondance and asks "please may I?" He hands it to her.
"Where do you suppose Kale is?" Fallon asks Josh, who shrugs.
"She is in a Travel Tree spin cycle. But the Trees can't hold her for long."

They have forgotten about Tamara. 'Tamara! Come to us' the voices call her.
"I'm here." She answers and follows the voices.

The other Jewel Riders are in a huddle discussing what to do. "We'll start a sweep search of the area. Sorrell stay and watch-" Fallon has walked away from the circle, noticing that Tamara is not there.
"Tamara!" she shouts
"-Tamara!" Starla finishes. "Where is she?"
Fallon and Moondance are looking up where Tamara and the harp are walking up along the edge of a cliff. "Starla, over there!" Fallon points to Tamara's retreating figure.
"Oh no! Tamara! Wait!" Starla calls, but Tamara cannot hear.
"Starla, she is too close to the edge she will fall." Fallon points out as Starla runs towards Sunstar.
"Sorrell stay here." The Princess commands.
"Gladly." He answers. "Oh my!" He is worried about Tamara.

Tamara is continuing to walk towards the waterfall with Starla, Sunstar, Fallon, Moondance, Joshua and Stomrunner behind her. "Tamara wait for us!" Starla calls "Tamara where are you going?"
"To the Rainbow Falls." Tamara answers.
"How are we going to get through the falls?" Practical Fallon asks.
Tamara opens a doorway in the rock by playing on the harp. They enter behind the falls where a strange pipe like instrumental
leads to an open portal. It is here where the voices originate from.

'Tamara, you must help us.'

"Stand back! It's an open doorway to the wild magic." Fallon warns her friends.
"Who are you?" Starla asks.
'We are the Rainbow Jewel' the voices reply.
"I thought the Rainbow Jewel was one stone." Starla says.
[It must have splintered when it fell out of the Wild Magic.] Sunstar suggests.
"Look! Each of the stones has a piece missing." Archie points out.
"Sorrell must of found the chips and put them on the harp." Fallon adds.
Tamara is walking towards the portal. 'Only Tamara can save us' The Rainbow Jewel tells everyone.
"I must heal them." Tamara is now right in front of the portal.
"No! No! Absolutely not! Tamara! You could be lost to the Wild Magic forever." Archie strongly objects.
"Archie, I am the only one who can help." Tamara argues.
"Fallon we'll use our enchanted jewels to protect Tamara." Starla says [Moondance and I will help.] Sunstar says as everyone bar Tamara gets their Jewel Armour.


Kale is now approaching Rainbow Falls. "They have gone inside." Kale moans.
"Rufus, hand me the harp." She holds her hand to receive it but [Heh, heh, what harp?] Rufus answers nervously praying she doesn't press the
issue. He is back to normal minus the Elvis costume.
But Kale is in no mood for games. "Hand me the harp, you dweasel!"
[Do you see a harp?] Rufus asks Twigg.
[No do you?] Twigg answers.
"Shut up, you idiots." Kale commands. "Grim, take us straight in." They start to fly towards the waterfall.


Tamara has started to play on the harp. 'Tamara, Tamara help us' the Rainbow Jewel says as she lifted up in the middle of the circle. The pieces of the Rainbow Jewel are circling around her.
"Now." Starla says. A blue and gold light grab hold of Tamara as she enters the portal. The drag of the wild magic is strong and Fallon and Starla are finding it difficult to keep hold.
"Hold on, Tamara." Starla says, as she increases the power going through the Sunstone.
"Tamara, stay with us." Archie adds.
"Hold on, girl." Fallon adds. Tamara has done it. The portal becomes rainbow coloured and the falls are returned to their multi-colour state.

As Kale approaches the Falls they turn to multi-pastel coloured crystal and Grim cannot turn away.
"What!?" Kale can't believe her eyes. The two dweasels scream in terror and cover their eyes.
"Uh-oh." Grim says as they crash head-on into the hard crystal and fall onto the ground.

Back as one stone the portal goes to Princess Starla who grabs the Rainbow Jewel. 'Tamara has saved
me' the multi-coloured portal tells Starla.
"What have you done? Bring her back to us." She commands.
'There is still time Hurry!' The portal tells her.
"Quickly! Merlin's Key!" Archie says.
[Starla! Merlin's Key!] Sunstar shakes Starla out of her reverie. Starla touches the Rainbow Jewel with Merlin's key and the Jewel Box appears within the portal. It opens, allowing Starla to carefully place the jewel into its niche. The Jewel Box closes and disappears, replaced by a bubble
"Merlin!" Everyone cries.
"My students, you have used your magic well. Tamara's Heartstone and the magic ofthe harp have brought the Rainbow Jewel together."
"But where is she, Merlin?" Starla asks hesitantly.
He answers "Not far." Another rainbow portal is approaching and everyone can see Tamara in it.
"Tamara, are you alright?" Starla asks relief in her features.
"Just fine." Tamara answers with a smile. She is still carrying the harp.
"When your hearts are brave and true, the power of the Enchanted Jewels can be great indeed. My students believe in your friends and trust in yourselves. Farewell." Merlin says and disappears.


Outside Rainbow Falls is returning to normal. Grim is unconscious and Kale walks on the ice to see how he is. "Grim! Speak to me!" She says, concerned. Grim is coming round, but is still a bit groggy.

Unfortunately for them, the crystal waterfall is returning to its liquid state. They all look up horrified.
[Rufus would you care for a swim?] Twigg asks.
[After you, Twigg old bean.] Rufus performs a bow.
"I'll get you all for this!" Kale promises, as the dragon wagon is swept away by the water.


The Riverdells Fare has been magically restored pre storm. Outside of Rainbow Falls, Tamara express her regret. "I wish I could have spent more time with Merlin."
Archie comforts her. "One day we will find all seven Crown Jewels and Merlin can return home."
Tamara adds, "We have found another jewel as well. Any craftsmen who can create such a wonderful instrument deserves to be called 'Master Musician'."
Sorrell blushes "Delightful."
"My babies!" Tamara expresses alarm as she sees they are not there. "Sugar, Cleo, Spike! Where are they?"
[Drake and Thunder are looking after them.] Moondance answers, her Moonstone flashing.
"Oh, really?" Tamara is surprised.


Back at the Crystal Palace, in Tamara's messy room, Sugar throws Spike who is on stilts a plate, which he misses and it breaks on the floor. The Jewel Riders enter to see the mess. [Tamara!]
Tamara holds her arms open wide. "Oh my dears I have missed you so." The babies fly at her.
[You're home.] Cleo says. [We're hungry.] Spike tells Tamara. [Thunder growled at me.] Sugar says.
Tamara just hugs the trio.

Starla is looking for Drake and Thunder. "Drake" She calls, and sticks her head around the door.
Drake is tied up on a chair, he looks so pleased to see her. "Boy, Starla ,am I glad to see you. Now get me out of this, will you?"
"Oh I thought you could manage by yourself." Starla teases. "Fallon?" She wants another opinion.
"I think he can manage by himself." Fallon teases. "We'll see him at dinner!" Both Starla and Fallon walk off giggling. "Come on Starla! Fallon!" Drake pleads, and tries to catch up with them to no avail. "Archie? Somebody? Help!"
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Episode recap: Song of the Rainbow
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