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PisanieTemat: (fanfiction archive) Hope Comes in Pairs by Stormy & StarryTamara   Nie Lis 13, 2011 8:37 am

Author’s note: Hiya all, I’m Stormdance and I’m to blame for the story you’re here to read. There *will* eventually be a Jewel Riders homepage connected to the story, but that’ll be in the future when I can get a computer literate family member to help me make it.

While I didn’t knowingly contradict anything in the show, there are episodes I haven’t seen so I’m sure I slipped up somewhere. A lot of this is me writing the way things *might* have happened, especially Fallon and Tamara’s pasts and details about magic and Avalon. This story happens after "Full Circle," an alternate second season if you will.

"Join the Jewel Riders they said, see the kingdom they said, " Drake muttered the old line, "Now look what it’s gotten us into."
(You’re exaggerating) Thunder told him, (and misquoting.)
"Yeah, it’s only weird and freaky wild magic like we see every other day of our lives."
Drake frowned at Josh, then turned to look back at the problem. The valley in front of them was in darkness, as if night had fallen in only that one spot. It was eerie. There was a village in there somewhere, whose inhabitants were now camped up on the hillside near where the two Jewel Riders were standing.
Drake sighed in resignation, "Well come on, let’s check it out."
The light cast by their four Forest stones was enough that they could walk without tripping over anything, but that was about it.
"What on Earth could be doin’ this?" Josh asked the world at large.
(It feels like an enchanted Jewel.) Stormrunner commented.
"A wild jewel?"
(I don’t know.)
"I think we’ve found the problem." Drake called from up ahead, "Look at the Travel Trees!"
The Trees were flashing from leafy to crystalline, obviously very upset.
(Ho Travel Trees, ) Thunder called, (Are you all right?)
"Hello Jewel Riders." The Trees answered, "We have a problem."
"We noticed." Drake said, "So what’s the deal with the darkness?"
"Something has gotten caught in our magic, we believe it is the source of this unnatral darkness."
"Want us to take it off your hands, uh, limbs?" Drake offered.
"If you would." The Trees answered. A miniature doorway opened in the air. Drake reached in and pulled out a jewel. It was shimmering aqua blue, in the shape of a six-pointed star.
"I’ve never seen *that* jewel before."
"Me either, "Drake said, "But then I haven’t studied Merlin’s books as much as I could have. We’d better take it back to the palace, and fast."
"Would you like a ride?" the Travel Trees asked.
"We’d better not, not while we’re carrying unknown magic."
"Hey Drake—It hasn’t gotten any lighter, so if the jewel’s doing it—"
"It’s still doing it." Drake finished. "We can ask Merlin how to stop it when we get back."

Gwenevere grabbed the branch and pulled herself up, out of the leaves at the top of the tree. "Ha, beat you, Fallon!" She called down.
"Maybe, but you won’t next time!" Fallon yelled back, but Gwen wasn’t listening.
"Hey, what’s that?" She pointed off toward the horizon, "Sunstar, can you see—"
Sunstar launched herself from the palace roof, where she had been sunning. (It looks like it’s getting dark.) she reported, (but it’s only afternoon.)
"I think we’d better get out of this tree while we can still see." Was Fallon’s opinion.
As the princess and her friend reached the ground, a small crowd of people came pouring out of the palace, babbling questions at the tops of their voices. Fallon sighed. "Courtiers." She muttered disgustedly, "Gwen, you want to take charge or shall I?"
"You c—wait, Mother’s coming."
The Queen was immediately surrounded by a mob of frightened nobles., but she suggested-- loudly—that they all return to their rooms and let the Jewel Riders handle whatever was up. Gwen lit the courtyard with her Sunstone and helped Anya persuade everyone back inside. As soon as the last question had been answered and the last fluttery lady convinced that the Jewel Riders could do it better without her screeching, Tamara rushed out , a windblown Archie clinging to her shoulder. "What’s going on?"
"We don’t know!" Fallon answered, "Armor on, people."
The three girls summoned their armor and waited. The tension was verging on unbearable when Drake and Josh rode in through the gates.
"Drake! Guys, what is all this?"
"It’s nothing bad!" Drake hastened to reassure them, "We found this jewel, and it makes it dark wherever it is."
"Another jewel?"
"Yep." Josh said, "Drake thought he could fix it on the way back, but. . . " Drake shrugged sheepishly.
Gwen took charge. "Tamara, send a message to Merlin."
"On it." Tamara said. She put a hand on her Heartstone and spoke to the air, "Merlin, we found something strange, can you come see?"
No sooner had she finished speaking than the air sparkled and Merlin appeared in a burst of magic. "Certainly I can come. What is it you’ve found?"
"This jewel, Merlin." Drake said, taking it out for the wizard to see. "It makes darkness. Do you know what it is?"
"Yes, I do." Merlin sounded surprised. "It is the Starstone, sister jewel to your three." He gestured at the girls. "I thought it was lost in the wild magic."
"It was; the Travel Trees near Twinsprings caught it in their tunnel." Josh explained, "But how do we get it to stop doing this?"
"At the moment the stone’s magic is random, undirected. It needs to be given to a Jewel Rider pairing of human and animal. Only then will its magic be fully controlled."
"Another Jewel Rider?" Gwen asked uncertainly, "How will we know who?"
Merlin smiled wryly, "Oh, the jewel will tell you. They are very careful to pick only the right pair."
"I know about that." Gwen said with a smile for Sunstar.
"You should be able to convince it to hold its magic in until then, but do not delay in this!" Merlin said dramatically, and vanished.
"Such a showman." Queen Anya said.
"Oh, Mother! I didn’t notice you were there!"
"You were doing just fine." The Queen said, "If there’s anything I can do to help. . ?"
The five young Jewel Riders thought for a moment, then the ideas started coming thick and fast.
"Tell the nobles not to worry if they see weird lights. "Fallon said, "Persuading an enchanted jewel is a tricky thing."
"Just don’t blow anything up." Anya said.
"And we’ll probably need the crystal carriage. . . And some maps of the kingdom." Was Gwen’s suggestion.
"Can Wintermane watch the babies?" Tamara asked, "I don’t know if we’ll want them along."
"I’m sure she won’t mind."
"Better her than me." Drake muttered, then said louder, "I think Josh and I should stay here since King Jared and Max are away, just in case something else happens."
Gwen nodded. "Yes, we girls can handle this one."
"I’d like a chance to look for stuff about this Starstone in the library." Tamara said.
"That’s a good idea, Tamara. Why don’t you go now? If Fallon and I can’t make the jewel behave, we’ll call you."
"I think we have our marching orders." Fallon said with a grin, cutting off any further suggestions. The others went back inside, and Gwen and Fallon started discussing what to do about the Starstone, magic-wise.

It was a beautiful sunny day in the westernmost reaches of Avalon, or at least it had been that morning when Trina had last been outside.
A servingmaid’s work is never done, she mused as she scrubbed the huge pot. When it was clean, she’d have to fill it with soup and take it up to the banquet room where the lady of the house was having some big gathering. Trina just hoped she might be able to listen in on whatever they were talking about; this might be a totally out of the way district, bordering the Thornwoods on one side and a district of rocky hills on the other, but there had to be something interesting going on, didn’t there? And the nobles would know about it, wouldn’t they?
"Hey, girl!" the cook’s voice shattered her reverie, "That’s clean enough, get it over ‘ere to fill!"
Trina shook the last drops of water off the pot, and brought it over, holding the thing steady while the cook filled it. "OK, you and you, take it up, you take the bowls. . . " the cook barked orders at the few servants in the room. Trina was the second ‘you’ he’d pointed at. She smiled and smoothed her hair, trying to look as presentable as possible while wearing the rough clothes of a servant. Trina was pretty, or so she’d heard. Her hair was so pale it was almost white, and her eyes were light blue. Despite this, she looked earthy instead of wraithlike, and stood out in crowds, or at least stood out from among the servants in this kitchen.
A minute later, Trina and Rhis were balancing the heavy pot between them, trying to get it upstairs without spilling too much. At the top there was a serving cart waiting. Rhis saw this and took off, "OK, you can take it in to them, I’m gone." The boy with the bowls, whose name Trina had never heard, seconded that wordlessly and took off. Trina opened the door and wheeled the cart in. The discussion broke off abruptly when she entered, but the last words—she would have sworn, unlikely though it was—had been "Princess Kale".
(But Kale got slurped up by the magic, everybody knows that.) Trina thought as she passed out bowls and informed everyone that the main course would be served shortly, (So why are they talking about her?) Curiosity tempted, and in a moment she had figured out what to do.
A chance comment from another of the servants had alerted her to the fact that the banquet room backed up on one of the guest bedrooms, with only thin plaster and paneling between the closet and this room. Trina finished serving the guests with admirable haste and made for that closet, hoping she wouldn’t be missed in the kitchen. She quietly pushed aside the clothes of whoever had this room and crouched against the closet wall. The discussion was muffled but understandable. And very interesting.
"—found a way to retrieve things lost in the wild magic. Even people, I think. The spell didn’t say, but with enough power we should be able to do it."
(Are they discussing what I think they’re discussing?) Trina thought incredulously.
"Yes, well, charged jewels are not exactly cheap." Said a nasal female voice, and the talk moved to magic, money, how much and how many.
Trina got pretty lost. Kitchen servants weren’t educated any more than the law said everyone had to be, and magic had not been covered in the school Trina had gone to. All those years ago when she’d had a real home. . .
"Enough!" The lady of the house all but shouted, breaking into Trina’s almost-reminiscing as well as the arguments in the banquet hall, "We can cover financing later. What we need now are plans."
"What plans, Lady Delina?" asked a youngish voice, "We summon Kale back and then take the Crystal Palace. Simple enough."
"You nitwit, just because we have the rightful Queen doesn’t mean that Anya and Jared will just step down."
(Rightful Queen?) Trina thought, (These people are nuts! Kale used evil magic and tried to take over the kingdom!)
"Are you sure we’ll be getting paid for this?" Someone asked irritably.
"Certain." Lady Delina said long-suffering, "I'm sure there will be more than enough for rewards to a few loyal friends. And if not, well, she can go right back where we found her, no?"
There was a chorus of agreement.
(They’re serious.) Trina realized, (Nuts but serious. And nuts who are quite capable of tanning my hide if they find out I was listening.) She almost went back to the kitchen, but was caught by another voice from the other side of the wall.
"How soon can we begin, magician?"
"How soon can you get the supplies I need?" the magician countered.
"Two weeks at the outside." Lady Delina answered immediately, and Trina could almost see her raking the table with a glare, just daring the people not to come up with whatever magical supplies were needed.
Trina got up to go, then stopped cold. A thought had hit her with the force of a sledgehammer, (I’ve got to tell the king!)

Tamara looked up from her book at the clatter of tiny hooves on the stone floor. (Gwen and Fallon fixed the jewel.) Cleo reported, (Did you find anything out?)
"Not a lot. It’s only mentioned in a few really old books. One of the old wizards pitched it into the magic, I don’t know why."
"Who knows why wizards do anything?" Fallon asked from the door.
"Oh really Fallon, they aren’t that un-understandable. Did you learn anything else, Tamara?"
Tamara shook her head, "They took it for granted that all four of the jewels would always be around, so they didn’t bother to write much about them."
Gwen pulled up a chair and dropped into it, "There’s probably something in Merlin’s books, but wouldn’t he have mentioned it if it would help us?"
Tamara shrugged, "Who knows?" she said with a grin at Fallon.
"So?" Fallon asked, "What now?"
Gwen shrugged, "We start off? But what did Merlin mean when he said the jewel would guide us?"
"We could always try the obvious." Fallon hopped out of her chair and lifted the Starstone high, "Guide us!" she proclaimed to the jewel.
Nothing. "Well, it was worth a shot." Fallon said.
"Hey look!" Tamara grabbed for a map that had been lying across the table, "It did work!"
On the map was a shimmering blue star shape.
"That’s the district near the Thornwoods," Gwen said, "We’ve got a lot of ground to cover. Jewel Riders—let’s ride!"
You just love saying that, don’t you?" Tamara laughed as they gathered up their stuff.

Trina walked back to the kitchen, her mind churning over what she’d heard. Half of her thought she’d lost her mind. The other half was planning how to get to New Camelot within two weeks. It could be done; Avalon wasn’t *that* big, but it would take some thought.
The rest of the evening while she cooked and scrubbed and rushed around, Trina was snitching bits of any kind of food that would keep, wrapping them up and hiding them in her pockets.

The next morning, early, Trina snuck out of the castle with all her possessions, and a few that weren’t strictly hers, tied up in an impromptu sort of pack.
It was a fine day to walk across the kingdom, sunny and warm when the morning chill wore off. Trina kept her feet moving and her eyes forward, and tried not to think about all the things that could go wrong.
She had just about succeeded when she heard hoofbeats on the road behind her. Trina dove off into the bushes to one side, and just in time. Two of the castle guards reined in their horses just beyond her hiding place.
"She couldn’t’ve gotten farther than this." One of them said, "If she really did take off."
"If the lady says we search the road, we search the road." The other said with exaggerated patience. "I agree that she’s prob’ly just hiding from work, but Delina thinks she somehow listened in on their meeting. Th’ lady’s gone paranoid I say."
"So we search the forest. Least it’s something to do." The first one said meekly.
(I’m dead.) Trina thought.
Luckily for her, the two had to go back a ways before they could find a path into the forest. Trina took advantage of their absence to fleet-foot it away.
When she couldn’t run any more, she collapsed in the shelter of a boulder to get her breath back. (This is not working out.) she thought, (If those guys catch me I’m serious toast. Can’t go back to the road either, now. I’ll have to go through the forest, hope I don’t get lost or wander into the Thornwoods.) Lady Kale might be lost in the magic, but her lands remained dark and twisted with evil.
Trina’s family had lived there once, until the day her father went into the forest and didn’t come back. By nightfall, her mother had been worried enough to go out after him. Trina had stayed behind.
Trina got up and walked on through the forest. Her father would have approved this mad quest, he’d always been big on duty to your kingdom and to yourself. Her mother had been more pragmatic, she was a teacher and loved the job. Trina had never been able to convince herself they were dead, not when the searching parties came back without news, not when the neighbors helped her close up the house and got her a job in the castle. Maybe she still didn’t believe it. While she walked, Trina started to imagine a story in which her parents came and rescued her from the guards. Then she changed it so *she* was rescuing *them*. The story evolved from there, and Trina walked on towards New Camelot.

That same morning in the Crystal Palace, the Jewel Riders were finishing getting ready to go. They’d decided to travel overland, the Starstone still being too unstable to use the Travel Trees "unless we want to be bounced all over the kingdom." As Archie put it.
"Got everything, Tamara?" Gwen asked.
Tamara stuck her head out the window of the carriage, "If we packed any more, there wouldn’t be room for me in here!" She said, laughing. "Archie, you watch over everything while I’m gone. Don’t let Sugar raid the cookie jars! And make sure Spike gets a bath tomorrow!"
"I’m sure Wintermane can handle them." Archie reassured her, "But I’ll remind her."
"Are we going or what?" Fallon and Moondance trotted up.

"Going!" Gwen leaped gracefully into Sunstar’s saddle and they hit the road.
Soon they’d left the city for the farmlands and towns that covered most of Avalon, and the scenery got pretty boring.
"What do you think the new jewel rider will be like?" Gwen asked Sunstar.
(I don’t know.) The winged unicorn replied, (There are so many kinds of people.)
"That’s what makes it interesting. Or at least Merlin would say that." Tamara said from the front seat of the carriage.
Fallon had ridden up beside them, "Jewels pick the person that’s most like them." She said, "Like Tamara’s Heartstone is about friendship."
"So what does that say about you?" Gwen laughed, "The Moonstone does illusion. Are you not what you seem?"
Fallon answered seriously, "I know who I am. You have to know the truth before you can play with it."
(Now who’s sounding like Merlin?) Sunstar teased, and Gwen repeated it for Fallon.
Fallon shrugged, "Whatever I mean." She grinned, embarrassed by her seriousness.
"So what about the Starstone?" Gwen asked.
"Don’t ask me. Stars are. . . far away and give light is all I know."
Tamara was listening, "Stars guide." She said, "On the ocean people find their way by the stars."
"Cool." Gwen said.
"I don’t know if that has anything to do with magic or this jewel, but it is interesting." Tamara added.
"Guiding." Gwen murmured, "But where? And to who?"
(That’s what we’re going to find out.) Sunstar could be very literal-minded at times.
Gwen was tallying up the time they’d spend on the road, "Tonight we have rooms at an inn, from there we’re on our own. It should be three more days to the Thornwoods district, at this pace, then however long it takes searching there. I wish we could use the Travel Trees."
"Don’t we all." Fallon said, "But it really is too risky."
"It just seems like too long." Gwen fidgeted, "Like anything could happen between then and now. I just have this feeling. . . "
"My Heartstone doesn’t sense anything." Tamara said, "I think you’re just impatient, Gwen."
Gwen didn’t agree with her, but kept quiet.

Trina had been traveling for most of the day, now it was getting on towards evening. She was looking for a good place to spend the night. A tree with wide branches seemed to be her best hope, though she was far from excited at the thought of sleeping in a tree.
"But it’s safer." She said, mostly to hear her own voice, "I’ve heard there are direwolves in the Thornwoods, and this is really not the time to see if that’s rumor or fact."
This was as close to the Thornwoods proper as she’d ever been. At the moment everything looked normal, but earlier when she’d climbed a tree to get her bearings she had clearly seen the vegetation get brown and bare. "I wonder where her castle is." It was a fascinating thought, "Not that I’d go there, but. . ." But what kind of cool magical stuff would be in the castle of an evil magician who also happened to be the Queen’s sister? Too bad it would all be too evil to use.
She stopped cold; something was moving up ahead. Direwolf? Trina looked around, moving as little as possible, then leaped and caught a branch above her, pulling herself up. Silence. She scrambled higher, quietly, and turned out from the trunk to look around.
The Thornwoods were dully menacing, much closer than she had thought. Trina saw a flash of white under the trees. She’d climbed down and started in that direction before she even knew what she was doing.
It was dark in there, it would be easy to get lost. Trina hurried over to the white shape between the curls of the giant bush that was the Thornwoods. (What am I doing?) she thought as she climbed through a thicket if smaller plants, (I don’t know what’s over there!) But she had a strong feeling that she needed to get there, to see what it was—and an even stranger feeling she’d *know* what it was if she only stopped to ask herself. (I’m going crazy. . . ) The oft-repeated thought trailed off as she saw what it was at last.
A white unicorn with a diamond pattern in its fur stood in a small clearing, the plants hemming it in. As Trina watched, the creature reared up and smashed through a tangle of branches with a silver hoof. Its mane and tail were aqua streaked, almost iridescent in the gloom. (Oh wow.) Trina thought faintly.
The unicorn turned suddenly to face her. Its eyes were wide and afraid.
Unicorns were as smart as people, or so Trina had heard. She’d never seen one, though. "H-hello," she said cautiously, "It’s all right, I’m a friend. Are you lost?"
The creature looked at her measuringly, then nodded unmistakably. (Holy cats, they *are* smart as we are!) Trina thought in amazement, "The road’s over that way. I’ll help you get out of here, OK?"
It nodded again, and gestured with its head around the little clearing. Trina climbed on top of one of the curls of wood and looked around, "How did you get in here?" She asked, frowning, "There’s no path. Unless you came from the sky." The unicorn sidled away a step, and kicked at another branch as if ducking the question.
Trina shrugged and broke off one of the higher branches. "Can you get through here?"
It was antsy as well as being hard work, but they managed to get out of the Thornwoods into real forest. It was full dark by then, and getting chilly. Trina went and got her pack out of the tree, the unicorn following her quietly.
"What are you doing here?" Trina asked, not expecting an answer, "We’re days from anywhere interesting." She was sitting in one of the lowest branches of the tree, digging around in her pack for the food.
The unicorn didn’t answer, so Trina kept talking, quietly, "I’m going to New Camelot, to warn the king that Lady Delina’s a traitor. Really. That’s really the reason I’m out here instead of at home in bed. Where’s your home?"
(Far away.)
Trina started, "Did you just—Nah. Unicorns can’t talk. I think." She peered at her companion, "Can they?"
The unicorn gave her an innocent look and nuzzled her shoulder. Trina laughed. "Well, it’s well known that I’m crazy." She stroked the creature’s nose; unicorns might be as smart as people, but they still looked like horses. Very pretty horses. "*Are* there direwolves around here?" She asked more seriously.
The unicorn shook its- her head, surprising Trina again, "Well that’s good." The girl said, yawning, "Cause I have too much to do to get eaten right now. I’m going to bed; I walked all day and I’m tired. Good night."
The unicorn nodded and lay down in the grass at the foot of the tree. Trina climbed higher and draped herself over a branch, her cloak tucked in around her. It was hardly a soft bed, but wasn’t too uncomfortable.
If there were direwolves in the forest, none bothered them.

Morning found the Jewel Riders again on the road. There had been a party last night at the inn; there were usually parties where Gwen was staying, much to her embarrassment.
(Well you *are* the princess of Avalon.) Sunstar tried to reason with her friend, (They’re excited to have you.)
"I know." Gwen said, "It’s just. . . weird. Being a Jewel Rider’s more important to me than being princess."
(I know that.)
It was a beautiful day again, warm and clear. Gwen was glad, they’d be able to make good time. She still felt impatient, like their time was running out somehow and they had to do something before it did. "Sunstar, can we go faster? I want to talk to Tamara."
Sunstar made a show of it, leaping over the carriage with her wings spread to glide them over. Gwen sighed.
"Yeah Gwen, what’s up?"
"Can your Heartstone pick up anything? I know it didn’t yesterday, but. . ."
Tamara put a hand over her jewel and frowned in concentration, "There is something! It’s very faint, but it’s there. Hey, Fallon!"
"You found something?" Fallon asked, riding up "Want to link our jewels and see if we can get an image?"
Tamara shook her head, "It’s not strong enough." She said regretfully, "Maybe later."
"What exactly is it, Tamara?" Gwen asked, "Just magic or something else?"
"It’s. . . not magic exactly, more like. . . I’m not sure." Tamara said. "I’ll keep trying, maybe I’ll get a clearer signal later. Are either of you getting anything?"
"Not me." Fallon said after a moment, "Gwen?"
"Just a whisper, I think. It’s weird. And I really don’t think we should fiddle with the Starstone."
"Yeah, it was hard enough to get it to behave the first time."

Trina woke up with the feeling that someone had spoken to her. She opened her eyes and found herself looking down at a bug-eyed rodent that was looking back.
"Yeeeek!" Trina screeched and sat up. Usually it was beneath her dignity to sound so maidenly, but to wake up with a treemouse under your nose would do that to anyone. Then she saw what the treemouse had been sitting on. There was a thick branch armed with wickedly sharp thorns under the branch she’d slept on. It hadn’t been there last night.
Trina looked around, seeing more of the thorny curls everywhere. The unicorn was standing under her tree, looking around as if just as surprised and puzzled. "Good morning." Trina called down to her, "Did these things grow here overnight? I’m getting out of here, you coming?" She grabbed her pack and swung herself to the ground—carefully avoiding the thorns.
The unicorn seemed just as anxious to be off, she started walking, and looked back to see if Trina was coming. Trina caught up and walked next to her.
"Can anything grow that fast?" Trina asked, not expecting an answer, "Brrrr. Nothing should be able to do that, it’s not natural." The twisted plants gave her a funny feeling to look at, they just weren’t right. "Hey—is that how you got caught in there?" No answer, even a nod. Trina sensed, or maybe imagined, that the unicorn was interested, so she kept up her monologue, "Did I tell you my name? It’s Trina. I guess you can’t tell me yours. . ." For an instant, she looked very solemn and wistful, but a moment later she shrugged it off. "I’m very ordinary except that I’m going on this quest to tell the king about Lady Delina. I still can’t believe I’m doing it. At least we won’t get too lost. If we keep going this way we’ll come to civilization soon, and find someone going to New Camelot with a wagon who can give me a ride."
She stopped chattering, suddenly serious, "I can get there by myself, if you want to go back to whatever you were doing." She asked timidly, the longing look flashing in her eyes for another moment.
The unicorn looked at Trina, and tipped her head thoughtfully for a minute. Then she gave the girl a little push along the way they’d been going, and followed her. Trina’s smile of relief lit up the forest.
"Well that’s good, I wanted you to come, I like you even if you can’t talk to me." She said frankly, "Hey, they’ve got lots of cool magic at the capital, maybe we could find a magic jewel or something so we could talk. I think the Jewel Riders can do that. They can do all sorts of magical stuff with Merlin’s jewels. But magic costs money I bet, and I don’t have any. Oh well, we’ll think of something, right Silv’rwind?"
Trina stopped, staring, a moment after the word rolled off her tongue. "Now where did I get that?" she asked softly, "Is that your name? Silverwind?" The unicorn, who looked as surprised as Trina felt, nodded her head. Trina looked back at her and couldn’t think of a thing to say. In mutual shock, they started walking again.
"Well." Trina said a few minutes and a detour around a fallen tree later, "I don’t know how I knew your name, but it’s a very pretty one. Suits you." She added with a smile.
Silverwind was pleased. Trina didn’t know how she knew that, either. "This is pretty weird, y’know. The girl said thoughtfully, "But I like it. Still, t’would be nice to know what’s going on."
Silverwind nodded emphatically, and Trina laughed.

"It’s friendship-magic, what I’m sensing." Tamara said suddenly.
"You sure?" Fallon asked.
Gwen had been dozing in Sunstar’s saddle, now she shook herself awake to listen.
Tamara nodded, "Definitely. It just got a lot stronger, enough for me to tell. It’s exactly like what I got from Gwen and Sunstar when they first met. The Starstone is picking it up really strongly, and beaming it to me somehow."
Gwen yawned, and Sunstar did a little skip to wake her up. "This is good." The princess said, "If the jewels can pick it up that must be a strong bond."
"Yes, it must be. Hey Tamara, want to try linking our jewels?"
"Yes!" Tamara exclaimed, "Your Moonstone might be able to show us who it is!"
"Good to know someone besides me is crazy with curiosity." Fallon grinned and held up her Moonstone. Moondance, Sunstar, and the wolf pulling the carriage all stopped, watching.
Tamara lifted her Heartstone high, "Heart to Heartstone, friend to friend, show us now our seeking’s end!" She murmured, calling on the magic. The two jewels glowed brightly, purple and rose light spiraling up to form a ball above their heads. The sphere became a misty image that cleared quickly to show a light haired girl and a silver and aqua unicorn walking through the forest together. The girl was laughing and gesturing as she talked, the unicorn watching her patiently.
"I wish we could hear them." Gwen said.
Tamara nodded, "Me too, but we don’t know how to do that yet."
The image trembled and broke up. Fallon and Tamara lowered their jewels.
"Show’s over." Fallon observed.
"Let’s get going," Gwen said, "We’re blocking the road."
There wasn’t anybody else on the road to be blocked, but they started moving again anyway.
"We don’t know much more now than before." Gwen observed gloomily.
Fallon rode up next to her, smiling cheerfully, "I wouldn’t say that."
"What do you mean, Fallon?"
(Yes, what?) Sunstar chimed in, though Fallon couldn’t hear her.
"She’s younger than you, Gwen, maybe thirteen or fourteen. She’s not noble born if she dresses like that. Moondance says the unicorn isn’t from any of the families she knows. That’s strange, are you sure, Moondance?"
(I’m sure. And I know most of the unicorn families by sight. There was supposed to be a family that vanished when the crown jewels were scattered, but I don’t know for sure.)
Fallon repeated this for the others, and added, "And Moondance’s mother is Queen of the unicorns, so she knows the families from before we met."
(I wish I could talk to Mother,) Moondance said, (She would know who that was.)
"It’s all right, we’ll know soon enough anyway." Fallon stroked her friend’s mane.
Gwen was thinking aloud, "Vanished? They should have come back now that we’ve stopped the wild magic outbreaks and set everything right." The princess was worried that they might have hurt the unicorns without meaning too.
"Moondance says it was only a rumor she heard. We’ll check it out after we’re done with this quest." Fallon promised.
"OK. It’s a pretty fascinating idea, though."

"My feet hurt." Trina announced, "I am not-" she yawned, "-used to this pace."
Silverwind whickered; Trina could have sworn she was laughing.
"You don’t look so good either, horseface. You’ve got burrs in your tail. Here, turn around so I can get them out."
It was getting on towards dark again. Trina was sitting on the side of a boulder that jutted up from a clearing in the trees. They had been walking mostly in silence since the strange incident that morning.
Trina was back to her usual self, chatty and a bit bossy, as she combed out Silverwind’s mane and tail and got them both a wash in a nearby stream.
"Now I can sleep on top of that rock tonight, anything that can climb this can climb anything. But what about you? Can you climb it too? I don’t think so, you don’t have hands. Horseface." She repeated the nickname, smiling in a way that turned the word from taunt to endearment. Silverwind nuzzled her, then nodded at the top of the rock.
"What? You want me to climb up anyway?"
The unicorn nodded, her eyes dancing.
"OK. I don’t know what you’ve got up your sleeve, but call if you need me." Trina climbed up onto the top of the rock and stood, looking into the distance.
(Tri-na!) The voice was full of mischief, and coming from behind her. Trina spun around, and gaped.
"’Wind—Horseface, why didn’t you tell me you had wings!" She yelped.
Silverwind was hanging in the air above the boulder, held aloft by a pair of transparent and aqua wings. They were a little like dragonfly wings, shaped like butterfly wings, but three dimensional. Trina laughed for joy, her hair blowing around in the wind. The unicorn landed on the rock with a clatter of hooves, and her wings folded until they were flat against her sides, vanishing in the patterns in her fur.
"So that’s why I didn’t see them! But this is great, you can fly!" she hugged the unicorn around her neck. Silverwind danced a little then nuzzled Trina’s back as if returning the hug.
A minute later the girl stepped back, embarassed by her show of emotion. "Well this is great." She repeated much more calmly, "But we’re still here on a rock in the middle of nowhere and it’s still nighttime." Trina set about breaking off enough branches to make a bed for herself. "Hey!" She exclaimed suddenly, almost taking a tumble to the forest floor, "I heard someone call me, before. Was it you?"
Silverwind looked hard at her for a long moment, and finally nodded.
"So we *can* really talk- say something!"
Trina listenned as hard as she could. Nothing. She looked over at Silverwind, who nodded.
"I didn’t hear it." Trina said, baffled.
Silverwind snorted and shrugged her wings a little.
"We’ll figure it out-" Trina yawned, "-tomorrow. I’m too tired right now, sorry." She curled up on her bed of branches, which was surprisingly soft. The long days of walking caught up with her.
(Good night.)
"G’night ‘Wind." Trina murmured, already half asleep.

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Two days later, the Jewel Riders were traveling as usual when a messenger came thundering up on a horse.
"Jewel Riders! The man exclaimed, "Thank goodness you’re here!"
"What’s up?" Fallon asked, all business.
"It’s the Thornwoods, Lady Fallon, they’ve gone crazy! There’s wild magic everywhere!"
"We’re on our way." Gwen assured him briskly.

Trina and Silverwind were hiding under a bush, watching the eerie red lightning flash by overhead. It had started that morning, and they’d had to run for cover.
Trina squirmed for the umpteenth time. She opened her mouth to say something, and realized that she’d already said everything she could think of.
(Maybe it will stop when night comes. I hope so. This is scary.) Silverwind commented. Trina had discovered the trick to hearing the unicorn, it had something to do with forgetting that you weren’t having a normal out-loud conversation. Trina was getting good, though it still blanked out every so often.
"I know. But I wouldn’t bet on it. Wild magic is *wild* magic, after all."
(How long can we stay under here?) Trina wasn’t the only one getting fidgety.
"I don’t know, long as we have to, I guess. I wonder if we could make a break for it, stay low to the ground or something ‘till we got far enough away to—"
Lightning crashed down, splintering a tree within fifty feet of their hiding place. Trina shrieked as they were pelted with bits of hot wood. The newly made stump smoldered for a minute, but didn’t really catch fire.
"I-I guess that puts an end to that idea." Trina said shakily, trying to brush the splinters off her clothes.
Silverwind shook her mane as hard as she could in the confined space without getting it tangled in the branches. (It can see us.) She said quietly, eyes wide.
Trina thought about that and shuddered. "That’s silly, how could it? Lightning always hits trees because they’re taller." Trina spoke bravely, but Silverwind wasn’t fooled.
(This is magic lightning and you’re as scared as me.) Silverwind said a trifle arrogantly, and Trina made a face at her.
They sat in silence for maybe another hour, then—
"Hey!" Trina looked up suddenly, "What’s that?" A large shadow had passed over their hiding place.
An instant later she heard a muffled voice in the back of her mind exclaim (Hey! What was that?) It was not Silverwind’s voice.
The shadow came back and circled over them. Trina could see that it was a dragon, carrying something large and wooden. The red lightning had died down, but was still flashing around enough that Trina wouldn’t have wanted to be flying. The dragon seemed serenely unconcerned.
(What in Avalon is that?) Silverwind murmured.
The dragon swung lower, causing Trina and Silverwind to back out of the way. Two small heads poked over the side of the wooden structure.
(This is a dragonwagon.) said one.
(And we are dweasles.) said the other, (What might you be?)
(Isn’t it obvious Rufus? They’re a unicorn and a human girl.)
(I know that, Twig you moron. I meant what are they doing here.)
"We’re hiding from the lightning is what we’re doing." Trina called boldly up at them, "What are you doing here?"
It didn’t seem to occur to the dweasles not to answer. (We are going to the castle for the witchy one.)
(Yes, she is making a grand comeback.)
(And she will be very annoyed if we are not there on time. Grimm--) the one called Rufus yelled to the dragon.
"Hey wait!" Trina yelled.
"Why doesn’t the lightning fry you?"
(We have magic protection jewels.) a dweasel boasted.
Trina took a deep breath. Her voice was getting tired from all this shouting. "Can you give us a ride? That way, to the nearest town?"
Silverwind suddenly called, (To the nearest Travel Trees!)
While Trina wondered what the heck Travel Trees were, the two dweasles made a huddle and talked. Finally they told the dragon to land. Which he did, taking up most of the clearing and squashing the bushes. The dweasles hopped down from the wagon. (What will you give us if we take you to Travel Trees?) Twig said craftily.
Trina rummaged through her pack. "Will you do it for a silver fork?" It was the only valuable thing she had.
The girl wracked her brain for a minute, then grinned. "What about a fork and a secret?"
(Is it a good secret?)
(What kind of secret?)
It’s a really good secret. I’ll tell you after we’re at the—" What had Silverwind called them?-- "The Travel Trees."
Twig and Rufus huddled again and talked some more, then Twig said, (OK, climb in.)
The wooden thing was like a wagon without wheels, and the back was a room with a barred door across it. "Could they lock us in here?" Trina whispered.
(I don’t think they will.) Silverwind replied, (Dweasles love secrets.)
They climbed into the little room, which was just big enough for both of them. The dweasles tied up the door and told the dragon to take off. They lurched into the air. Trina grabbed the bars of the little window and hung on tight. "I don’t think this was such a good idea!" She said as the room swung back and forth above the treetops. Silverwind braced her hooves to keep her balance. (I-- agree! At least—dragons are fast!) She said in time with the swinging.
They went higher, and the ride got smoother. A little. (Open your eyes, silly!) Silverwind’s rich voice filled Trina’s head.
Trina still had a death grip on the bars of the window. "Not on your life, horseface." She said, then cracked one eye open. "Wow!"
The forest was spread out below them like a green blanket. Off to the left Trina could see the Thornwoods beginning. Far away the castle and the town where Trina had spent her life were nothing more than embroidery on the blanket. The lightning had moved off, it was over the Thornwoods, flashing red in the distance. "I wish we could see out the front." Trina said, "So what are Travel Trees anyway?"
Silverwind looked surprised. (They are—magic trees, that can take you from one place to another in the blink of an eye.)
"Magic? Cool!"
The wagon dropped about three feet. Trina gasped and closed her eyes again. They kept dropping, a bit at a time. It seemed an eternity before the wagon landed on solid ground. Trina heard a voice from the front: (Sorry, this was not one of Grimm’s three-point landings.)
Trina hurriedly untied the door and hopped out. She saw the Travel Trees immediately: four huge trees, exactly alike, with a circle on the ground between them.
(Those are Travel Trees.) Silverwind confirmed. The unicorn was switching her tail excitedly. (First we have to pay the dweasles.) She reminded her friend.
Trina pulled out the silver fork and tossed it to a dweasel, who polished it on his tail. (OK, what’s the secret?)
"What would you like a secret about? I know a couple good ones."
(Do you know the location of any buried treasure?)
"If I did I wouldn’t be wandering around in this forest."
(It was worth a try.) one dweasel shrugged to the other; Trina had given up trying to remember which was which.
"I’ll tell you one that helped me out." Trina said in sudden inspiration, "In lady Delina’s castle, there’s a closet that backs up on the dining hall. If you go in there, you can listen to what the important people are talking about."
(That’s a good secret.)
(Very useful.)
"Is our business finished, then?"
(Yes. We must be going now to meet the witchy one's friends.)
(Goodbye.) the creatures hopped into the wagon and the dragon took off, vanishing quickly above the trees.
"Not too shabby, eh, horseface?" Trina said a little smugly.
Silverwind had been watching the exchange with amusement. (I think we got the better deal.) she laughed.
"OK. Do you know how to work Travel Trees?"
(Of course.) Silverwind sounded surprised, not stuck up, but Trina bristled anyway.
"Well sorry. I’ve never seen them before and you haven’t exactly told me where you come from."
(Sorry. I will, when we’re done with this quest.) Trina smiled to show they’d made up, and Silverwind continued, (Anyway, Travel Trees. Riding the wild magic without protection isn’t very much fun, but we can do it. Hmmm, we’ll have to stay together. . . Mount up.)
(I’ll carry you. Come on.)
Trina blinked and felt stupid. The idea that she might *ride* Silverwind had never entered her head. "All right, if you’re sure." Trina found a rock to use as a step, and scrambled onto Silverwind’s back. She felt strange about it; ‘Wind was a friend, not a horse.
Silverwind continued to explain as she walked slowly over to the Trees. (Now we ask them for help, with a rhyme. . . can you think of one?)
Trina thought. "Travel Trees, Travel Trees, will you take us somewhere. . . please?" she shrugged, "It was all I could think of."
The four trees lit up, changing from wood and leaves to cut crystal. "Greetings travelers. Where would you like to go?"
"To the Crystal Palace, in New Camelot!" Trina said firmly.
"All right." The Trees said, and a shimmering portal opened in the air.
Silverwind leaped into the portal and suddenly they were shooting through a blue violet tunnel.
"Wow!" Trina yelled.
(Hold on tight!) Silverwind called, and Trina threw her arms around her friend’s neck and did.
"This is great! What a ride!"
They heard the deep voice of the Trees, "Warning, you are being pulled off course! This is wild magic! There’s nothing we can—" The voice cut off.
It felt like they were going faster, and being blown around like there was a hurricane in the tunnel. The wall was flashing past so fast it was making Trina dizzy.
Then it got worse. Evil red claws started coming out of the walls. Trina screamed; it seemed appropriate.
(They aren’t real!) Silverwind cried, (Not solid, just magic!)
"Like the lightning!" Trina had to shout to be heard.
(Yes,) Silverwind dodged a grasping claw, and Trina hung on for dear life. (That was close!)
"We’re gonna’ get fried!"
(No we aren’t! Whoa!)
Suddenly something appeared ahead of them. Something huge, ice-white, with evil dead green eyes.
Silverwind screamed and fanned her wings. She was trying to slow them down. It wasn’t working.
"What is—"
The monster lashed out.
(Look out!)

Gwenevere used her Sunstone to create a shield over a house. Just in time; red lightning lanced down, running off Gwen’s shield like water.
"It’s moving away!" Tamara called from the steps of the town hall.
"It’s about time!" Fallon yelled from somewhere off to Gwen’s left.
(It really is moving.) Sunstar called down to Gwen, (I think you stopped the last strike to this village.)
"Whew!" Gwen lowered her jewel. She wanted to sit down right here and not move for about a week.
"Don’t let the villagers out yet, Tamara." Fallon called, "I want to make sure none of these branches are going to fall." Gwen could see Fallon now, the athletic girl was climbing the huge silverwood tree for which the village was named.
(I don’t see any more that look loose.) Sunstar was circling the tree, helping Fallon.
"OK, Tamara." Fallon called a few minutes later. Tamara directed the townsfolk to go back to their homes and start cleaning up.
Gwen walked to the town hall and flopped down on the steps. Fallon dropped from the tree and did the same.
Two minutes later a kid came up, "Jewel Riders? Papa says can you come help put our roof back on?"
"Certainly." Gwen said, climbing to her feet. "I’d be glad to help."
For two hours the Jewel Riders helped the townspeople put things right. The wild magic storm had done a lot of damage. Luckily, no one had gotten hurt.
Gwen and Fallon were helping clean up the barrel maker’s workshop when Tamara came up. "Guys, look. The star on the map is gone."
Just as they gathered around, the star shape reappeared—right over Silverwood village. The Jewel Riders looked at each other in confusion, then the Travel Trees at the edge of the village lit up.
"Incoming!" The Trees said.

The portal opened and two very different figures tumbled out. They crumpled on the grass and lay still.
Tamara ran over and drew her Heartstone. She murmured a spell and the jewel shone rosy light down on the pair.
The girl stirred, "Huh, ‘Wind. . . Silverwind!" She gasped, sitting up suddenly.
(Trina. . ?)
"’Wind, are you all right?"
The unicorn lifted her head and nodded, (I’m fine. Now.) she said in disbelief, (What hit us?)
"Wild magic is what hit you." Said a voice. A young woman in pink and green armor was standing there, smiling. She held out a hand to help Trina up, then went to coax Silverwind to her feet.
A dark-skinned young woman and a white unicorn came over. The way they looked at each other, the woman nodding and the unicorn shaking her violet mane, Trina would have sworn they were talking.
"What happened to you?" The woman’s voice was not unfriendly.
"We—there was a monster in the tunnel. It hit us, I think, and. . . that’s all I know." Trina was still pretty confused.
"A monster in the tunnel?" The dark girl echoed, "Gwen, do you know. . ?"
"Nope." Trina hadn’t noticed, but there was a third person, a girl with yellow hair standing by one of the Travel Trees.
The girl in armor was holding a heart-shaped jewel. The dark girl and the unicorn both had moon jewels. The blonde girl wore a golden sun-shaped stone.
Trina stepped back against Silverwind’s side. "Y-you’re them, aren’t you? The Jewel Riders?"
Silverwind silently confirmed it before the blonde girl nodded. "Yes, we are." She said with a smile. "This is Tamara, Fallon and Moondance. I’m Gwenevere."
"The princess?"
"She’s the princess all right." Tamara said. "So who are you?" her ‘you’ included Silverwind as well as Trina.
"I-I’m Trina. From Last Village, on Long Run Road near the border. This is Silverwind, I met her in the forest. We were going to New Camelot when something happened in the Travel Trees’ tunnel."
(A big white magic-monster, really evil.) Silverwind said. Trina got the shock of her life when Tamara turned and repeated Silverwind’s words for the others.
"You can hear her?" Trina asked incredulously.
"It’s one of the powers of my Heartstone." Tamara explained, "It lets me talk to any magical animal."
Trina was jealous. "It took me a couple days to learn to hear her."
The princess came forward, "We need to talk. Let’s all go inside and trade stories."
They ended up in the now-vacated town hall. The Jewel Riders and Trina sat on one of the benches, while the unicorns had the stage. Trina shyly told her story, with Silverwind adding something every so often.
"You really think they’re going to try and get Kale out of the magic?" Gwen asked when she’d finished.
Trina shrugged, "They sure sounded serious. I could be wrong, of course."
"I’ll tell Mother o check into it." Gwen said, "We might even be the ones to go spy on her." Gwen clearly liked the idea. Trina decided she might like this princess.
"We ought to get on it." Fallon said, "If this is serious then Avalon could be in big trouble."
The princess stood up, "I agree. We can take the Travel Trees back home. Trina, will you come with us?"
Trina let out a breath in relief. "I’d be glad to. I don’t really have any place else to go." She spoke casually, covering a sudden worry. She’d never really thought about what she was going to do after this quest was finished.
"Let’s go then." Fallon stood up, "Hey Gwen, where’s Sunstar?"
"She was helping with the church bell. The ropes had come loose—"
BONG! They all jumped.
"Right on cue!" Fallon laughed.
A minute later there was a clatter of hooves on the front steps, and Sunstar came in. Trina gasped; Sunstar had wings! Feathery wings instead of being kite shaped like Silverwind’s, but wings all the same. Silverwind looked very surprised, and hugged her own wings closer to her body.
"Sunstar says she’s ready to go when we are. The carriage is waiting outside."
They went out to the Travel Trees, and Trina watched, fascinated, while the others summoned their armor.
"That is so cool." Was all she could say.
"Want to ride with me?" Tamara asked from the carriage.
Trina nodded and climbed in, "Yeah. I don’t like going by tunnel, feels like I’m going to get blown away."
"I know. Our armor makes it easier."
"We all ready?" Fallon asked, "OK. . . Great Trees of magic, we call on you. May we ride the wild magic, as is our due?"
The Travel Trees lit up, "Greetings Jewel Riders. Where would you like to go?"
"Back to the Crystal Palace!" Gwen told them, then the portal opened and they were in.
Trina closed her eyes tight and wished she had something to hang on to. That made her think of Silverwind, and suddenly she wondered why the unicorn wanted to keep her wings a secret. They hadn’t been talking to each other hardly at all since meeting the Jewel Riders; Trina didn’t like the idea of anyone else listening in on them and apparently Silverwind felt the same. But, Trina decided, they were going to have a long talk as soon as they could.

New Camelot sparkled. That was what Trina thought, anyway. But then, she had never expected to be riding through the capitol city with the princess and her friends.
"This is really cool, horseface." She murmured to Silverwind.
(I agree!) Silverwind pranced, showing off shamelessly. But then, Sunstar was also prancing, and waving her wings.
"How do you like the city?" Gwen called over.
"It’s great. Everybody’s looking at us, though."
The princess laughed, "We’re the Jewel Riders, we’re famous!" A kid hanging out a shop window waved, and Gwen and Trina waved back.
"They have the best silks in town, that store." Gwen said, "And there’s a good bakery down that street, in on the square with the statue of Arthur. And. . . "
Trina listened to Gwen’s tour-guide speech and gawked at everything. She was not used to sights like these. Glass windows glittered in the sun, marble walls gleamed. In the shop windows, displays of clothing, weapons, pastries, pottery, tools, and a thousand other things caught her eyes. The people were dressed in fancier clothes than Trina had seen anybody but lady Delina in. And they all seemed so friendly, waving and calling greetings to the Jewel Riders. Venders flocked around them, offering their wares. Trina was overwhelmed with the shear richness of everything, she’d already seen half a dozen things she would buy if she ever had the money. But then she thought how they wouldn’t be being half this nice if she weren’t with the heroes of the land. It would be hard to keep one’s head above water in a city this size. . .
(Don’t worry Trina, we’ll manage.)
Trina shook off her pessimism and smiled, "Yeah. Together, I guess we will."
"We’re getting close! That’s the royal library. It’s actually connected to the palace, there’s a tunnel."
Trina barely heard the last sentence, she was staring openmouthed. *That* was a library? It was as big as the dance hall in her village, bigger! How many books must be in a place like that? Trina had read all of her mother’s teaching books, and all the ones in Delina’s castle until they had started locking up the library.
"Can anyone go there? Just to read, I mean?" She asked eagerly.
"Sure," Gwen said, "You like reading?"
Trina nodded vigorously, "I’m not real good at it, but I love books."
"Here’s the palace!" Fallon called back to them a minute later.
"Oh wow!" Trina whispered. They were riding up an avenue lined with flowering trees and graceful statues. The Crystal Palace glowed in the sunlight, reflecting rainbows everywhere. Around behind the palace Trina could catch glimpses of gardens, ponds, and what she thought was the famous Circle of Friendship.
"Close your mouth, country girl!" Fallon laughed, but her smile was friendly.
Trina smiled back, "It’s beautiful! You’re so lucky to be able to live here."
"I’ll give you to the tour." Gwen offered, "When Mother’s done with us."
"There’s going to be utter chaos when they hear about this." Fallon was trying to sound worried, and not managing it.
At that moment miniature chaos erupted out the doors of the palace. It turned out to be an owl, a unicorn filly, a panther kitten and a baby dragon. The owl was yelling, Trina couldn’t hear if the others were, but Tamara jumped out of the carriage to greet them, answering their silent questions and hellos.
"Trina, this is Archie." Gwen introduced the owl, "The babies are Spike, Sugar, and Cleo. Archie, this is Trina from Last village, and her friend Silverwind."
The owl flew over and perched on the front seat of the carriage.
"Welcome to New Camelot, Trina, Silverwind." Archie said formally, "I hope you like it here."
"I do, what I’ve seen." Trina said shyly, then reflected how ridiculous it was to be shy with an *owl*, even if the owl did wear glasses.
Gwen called Archie over, and they talked to quietly for Trina to hear. She suspected they were talking about her, though. Tamara and the babies caught up to the rest of the group. Tamara was telling her friends about their adventures. Cleo, the little unicorn, came over to look up at Silverwind and Trina. (Hello!) She said, (I’m Cleo. Who are you?)
(I’m Silverwind.) the unicorn sounded surprised. Trina could hear them both, she wasn’t sure why.
(That’s a pretty name. What unicorn family are you from? *I’m* from the royal family, so is Moondance.)
(My family doesn’t come to the Vale very much.) Silverwind said softly. (I’ll tell you about them later, maybe.)
Trina leaned forward and whispered, "You’d better tell me about them, too."
Silverwind nodded.
They were almost at the palace doors when they swung open and a tall blonde woman came out. Gwen called, "Mother!" and slid off Sunstar’s back to hug the woman.
"That’s Queen Anya." Fallon explained. She dismounted and helped Trina down from Silverwind’s back.
"Hello, Fallon." The Queen said, "Is this our newest friend?"
"Yes, this is Trina and her friend Silverwind."
"Hello, your majesty." Trina said, and curtseyed as best she could while wearing pants.
"Hello Trina, I’m pleased to meet you. Come inside, everyone."
The babies pushed past the Queen to get through the door, and the Jewel Riders rushed after them. Trina ran along with everybody else. They found the babies sitting two feet away from a table of food, eyeing it hungrily. "You had your breakfast this morning." Tamara told them mock-severely, "Let us have a chance!"
They dug in. Trina was starving; her supplies had been getting very low. The food here was like nothing kitchen servants ever got, anyway. She was surprised to see bowls of grain and water set up for Sunstar, Moondance, and Silverwind.
Gwen was telling the Queen about the strange happenings in the Thornwoods. Anya announced that she was calling a council, and they all would have to be there. While the Queen went to gather the nobles, the Jewel Riders talked a little and ate some more snacks. Gwen got out some brushes and began grooming Sunstar.
(Can you brush me, too?) Silverwind asked hesitantly.
Trina smiled, "Sure I will. Gwen, can I borrow a brush?"
"Sure. Here, catch!"
"You look a right mess, horseface. I think some of these knots we’ll have to take a scissors to." She giggled suddenly, "I don’t even want to know what *I* look like!" She turned to look at her reflection in one of the big mirrors in the room, and laughed. She looked like a tramp! Trina alternated brushing Silverwind’s coat and her own hair until the Queen came to get them for the council.
The council meeting started in the mid-afternoon. By the time the girls were excused, the sun was down and the street lanterns lit. The Queen and her court would be debating about it for hours more. Trina had told her story, and answered hundreds of questions about it. Finally Gwen had asked if they could be excused to go to bed before they fell over. Trina was glad the princess had done so; *she* was about falling asleep in her chair.
"Here’s your room, Trina. There’s a room for unicorns on the other side of yours." Gwen said, stopping to open a door. "We’re in the other three rooms in this hall—the doors are marked with our jewels so it’s pretty easy to tell. There are clothes in your closet; if you need anything else come get me."
"I will. But I don’t think there will be. I’m beat."
"Me too." The princess said, "Good night then."
Alone, Trina looked at everything in her room, exclaiming over most of it. Silverwind found some oats in her room, and munched on them while Trina chattered. (I could get used to this life veeeerrrry easily.) was the unicorn’s opinion.
"Me too! This’s a weird place, your room’s as fancy as mine. I know you’re not a horse, but still I’d expect them to put you in the stable."
(Sunstar and Moondance have their own rooms, too.)
"Do they? And that reminds me, you were going to tell me about where you’re from."
(All right. Now?)
So while Trina got them both ready for bed, Silverwind told the story of her family.
(The Vale of the Unicorns is where it began. That’s where everything important begins for unicorns. We were a family of maybe thirty, my mother and her sisters and brothers and their mates and children. We looked--*were* like normal unicorns. No fancy fur patterns, and no wings.)
"So how did you end up like you are now? Are all your family fancy like you?"
(Yes, they all are.) Silverwind sounded sad. (We went away from the Vale to live. Queen Thiera asked some of the families to do that, to go and start new homes, new meadows where unicorns could live. We were near the border mist, on the other side of Ravenwood from where I met you. I was just a foal when it happened. Over two days, the land went crazy. Ravenwood turned into the Thornwoods. Creatures of evil magic started appearing. We fought them back, as well as we could with our magic. On the third day, my friend Brightwater brought back a crystal she’d found in the Thornwoods. She said it had helped her escape from a monster. The whole family gathered around to look a it. Brightwater tried to show them how she’d worked the crystal, touching it with her horn and wishing for magic. The crystal started glowing, really bright. When I could see again, the crystal was gone and we were all like this.) Silverwind reared up and fanned her wings open. Trina was washing her hair; she leaned on the side of the tub and watched.
"What’s wrong with it?" The girl asked timidly, "Your wings are pretty."
(There’s nothing wrong with it, really. But until I saw Sunstar I thought we were the only ones. The grown-ups kind of freaked out, they didn’t know if the other unicorns would still like us. Grown-ups are silly sometimes.)
"So’s everyone, sometimes. Hey, aren’t you grown up?"
Silverwind laughed, (Just barely. I guess I sound older than I am. Anyway, everyone was scared and talking about what were we going to do, what was the Queen going to say, stuff like that. In the confusion, Brightwater sneaked away. She left a note saying she was going to find Merlin and ask him to change us back. Later we found out about Merlin disappearing and the Crown Jewels being scattered. It wasn’t Brightwater’s fault at all, but she didn’t come back. I tried to learn everything about the rest of Avalon so I could go looking for her someday. Then one day I felt something calling me from beyond the Thornwoods. I thought it must be Brightwater or another unicorn, so I tried to fly over and see. A big bird, *really* big, attacked me and I had to hide down in the thorns. I traveled down there until night came, waiting for the bird to leave. Then the bushes started growing out of control and I got trapped.)
"And then I came."
(And then you came.) Silverwind agreed.
Trina was toweling her hair dry, sitting on the edge of her bed. "But why don’t you want the others to know about your wings?"
Silverwind shook her head, (Habit, I guess. I really should tell them. Maybe I will, tomorrow.)
"OK, that sounds good." Trina yawned, "I wonder how late it is. Y’know, we’re alike. Both from out of the way parts of the kingdom, both just met royalty for the first time. I like them, wonder if they like us."
(I think so.) Silverwind lay down on her bed in her room.
"Hey horseface, you still want to look for your friend Brightwater?"
Silverwind seemed startled, (Yes. I hadn’t really thought about it, but I would.
Trina turned off the lights and got into bed. "I’ll help you. When I can. Maybe the Jewel Riders would too. Good night."
(Good night.)

In the morning, Trina got dressed and went out to see if she could find either the others, or some breakfast. Silverwind had gone out to graze with Sunstar and Moondance. Trina met Tamara coming out the door with the heart on it. "Morning Trina." The Jewel Rider greeted her.
"G’morning. Are you going to get breakfast?"
Tamara was, and she showed Trina the way down to the big main dining room of the palace. This early only a few people were at the buffet getting food. Trina and Tamara loaded their plates and sat down. They talked about their pasts, Trina’s in Last Village and Tamara’s as a child in a noble family. Then they talked about Jewel Riders.
"So how *do* they choose who gets to be a Jewel Rider?" Trina asked, "Are you, like, born into it or something?"
"I don’t really know. Everyone seems to come by it differently. My parents sent me to a school here in the city. I snuck out one night to walk in the Palace gardens in the moonlight. That’s how I met Cleo. We got to be friends, and I kept sneaking out to play with her and Spike and Sugar. Then one day Merlin came to school and announced that the Heartstone had chosen me." Tamara giggled, "The other kids in my class totally freaked out."
"I bet!" Trina said, "You’re so lucky. . ." The words slipped out before she could stop them.
Tamara smiled softly, "I know." Then she broke the mood, "The jewels choose the Jewel Riders, or at least it sure seems that way. Gwen was chosen partly because she’s the princess, but mostly because she’s got the stuff that makes a Jewel Rider. Kindness, honor, and compassion."
Trina suddenly wished *she* had those qualities, wished it harder than she’d wished for anything except her parents. Oh to be a Jewel Rider, using magic for the good of Avalon and fighting evil and other fun stuff! But she didn’t say it out loud; she was pretty sure Tamara would be sympathetic, but it would sound so. . . (And besides.) Trina decided, (Me and ‘Wind can do everything we need to, ourselves.)
She was broken out of her thoughts when Gwen and Fallon joined them.
"Hey guys," the princess greeted them, "What’s the plan for today?"
"Probably being ambushed by your mother to answer more questions." Fallon said as she sat down, "But if that doesn’t happen, hmmmm. . ."
"Trina, we have something to tell you." Tamara said suddenly, "Right, guys?"
Gwen and Fallon nodded. "Let’s go out to the Friendship ring." The princess suggested. They did, grabbing some doughnuts on the way out.
Trina followed the others through the garden, munching on a chocolate doughnut. She was mystified. What could they have to tell her? The unicorns met them at the entrance to the marble Friendship ring. Silverwind also didn’t know what was going on, though Trina heard her think (Where everything begins for Jewel Riders. . . ) and wondered.
"OK," Gwen began when they were all siting on the marble steps, "We were in Silverwood for a reason besides cleaning up. A few days ago Drake and Josh found a strange magical phenomenon that turned out to be a fourth enchanted jewel like ours. . . "
When Gwen finished her story, there was silence. Trina was gaping. "You mean— You mean the jewel was leading to. . . me?!" she squeaked.
The others nodded solemnly. Tamara at least was trying not to laugh at Trina’s expression.
"I get to be a Jewel Rider? Really?" Trina asked in shock.
"Really." Fallon said, grinning. She took the Starstone out of its pouch on her belt, and threw the jewel into the air.
Trina reached up to catch it, and the stone seemed to fly to her hand. The girl stared at it, then burst out laughing, "This is so cool!"
But there was one thing still to do. "’Wind?" Trina asked, suddenly shy, "Will you stay here—in New Camelot—with me—and be Jewel Riders?"
(Of course I will, silly!) Silverwind laughed. Then, as Trina still hesitated, (Go on—try it!)
Trina held up the jewel, *her* jewel, "OK, here goes. . . . By the magic of the Starstone!" Magic swirled around her and Silverwind. When it faded, they were both dressed in fancy aqua and white jewel armor. Trina looked down at herself and then twirled around, laughing, to show the armor off. "This is so cool, I bet it would make riding in travel tunnels more like fun, and I bet I look *really* hot in this outfit!" Everybody laughed, including Trina when she realized what she must sound like.
Pretty soon Trina decided she’d done enough babbling and tried to get serious. "So what happens now? They have the Friendship Ceremony whenever someone new becomes a Jewel Rider, right?"
"Right." Fallon said.
"That’ll be in a few weeks, after Father gets back from his trip. Mother’s already started on the invitations and everything."
"It’s quite a party. But first we have to deal with Lady Delina. We’re all in trouble if Kale comes back."
"After all the trouble it took to banish her, you’d think she’d be polite enough to stay gone!" Tamara said, quite fiercely.
Trina didn’t want the happy moog to be broken, though she knew it must be eventually. "We can beat her! We’re the Jewel Riders, right?"
"Right!" the others chorused, and laughed again.
Then the four Jewel Riders went back to the castle. There was a lot to find out about, and a lot to prepare for.
(Anything can happen!) Trina thought excitedly, (And we’re ready for the adventure, whatever it is!)
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PisanieTemat: Re: (fanfiction archive) Hope Comes in Pairs by Stormy & StarryTamara   Nie Lis 13, 2011 8:48 am

Chapter 1

The Discovery

Tamara leaned against a tree in the gardens of the Crystal Palace and closed her eyes; it was a beautiful day in Avalon. Sunstar and Shadowsong were grazing, Moondance and Silverwind were training with Fallon and Trina, and Princess Gwenevere was getting a facial. Tamara was ok with that, it was quiet and peaceful, and it would be nice to relax from the stresses of being a Jewel Rider.

"Lady Tamara!" Or not.

Tamara bolted up and quickly looked around.

"Who calls?" she asked.

Three golden shimmering ladies appeared before her. Tamara was awestruck, for these were the Guardian Maidens of Avalon: Nayru, dressed in blue, Farore, dressed in green, and Din, dressed in pink.

"Two what do I owe the honor of this visit?" Tamara asked.

"To inform you of business," said Din.

"Serious business," said Nayru.

"What kind of business?" Tamara asked.

"A disturbance in the wild magic!" said Farore.

"We believe it to be a jewel," said Din.

"Possibly and enchanted jewel," Nayru added.

"If you are to go, please do so alone. You should, of course, take your unicorn, but tell no one of this," said Farore.

"We wouldn't want to start a panic," said Din.

"That would be just horrible!" said Nayru. "Just report here when you find it."

With that, the Maidens swept their right handsdiagonally up to their left, and vanished.


"Good day, good Travel Trees. May we ride your magic tunnel please?"

The Travel Trees behind the Crystal Palace turned to crystal.

"Good day, Heartstone Riders. Where do you wish to go?" one of the trees asked.

(Great. The Maidens didn't say where to go.) Tamara thought. "Uh...the Forest of Arden. I know it's not far from here, but it is absolutely necessary for me to ride the magic," she told them.

"Very well. After all, you *are* a Jewel Rider," the tree said and chuckled.

"Thank you."

The trees opened a portal for her.

"Ready Shadow?"


"By the magic of the Heartstone!"

Swirls of shimmering pink and sage magic surrounded Tamara and Shadowsong, giving them their Jewel Armor. With a rearing and a neigh from Shadow, they jumped through the portal, which closed after they did.


In the magic, Tamara called on her Glider Wings, and began to think of what to do to find the jewel the Maidens wanted to see.

(You could make the Heartstone take you to it.) Shadow suggested. (Or call the Gliders.)

"The Maidens said only *we* could know. But maybe the jewel could work. Lemme see...what was that rhyme?"

(How 'bout something like "Take us to what the Maidens said"?)

"Hm. That could work. Lemme try this:

Jewel of friendship,

Jewel of Heart,

Show us what

the Maidens want!"

The Heartstone glowed a bright pink light. It sent out a beam through the tunnel, which apparently led to the jewel. With that. They went off.


"I told you there was a powerful jewel here," Morgana gloated.

"Good for you. I'm so proud. Now, are you sure this will get us out of the wild magic for good?" Kale asked.

Morgana hesitated before answering.

"Well?" Kale persisted.

"Are you sure you remember *everything* I thaught you? Sure it's all written down?"

"Yes. Now, will the jewel get me out?"

"Yes. It will get *you* out. It will also serve as a *very* powerful weapon for you when bonded with the Darkstone. But..."

"But what?"

"It could kill me in the process."

"Oh," Kale commented. "But it's not *sure* to kill you?"

"No. But it's very possible. I'll let you know if I survive."

"Ok, Morgana. Go ahead."

Morgana said the rhyme, and Kale united the Darkstone with the newly found jewel called the Ringstone. They repelled eachother at first, but then united and shot a powerful blast that formed an orb around Kale. A blinding flash followed. Kale was gone.

Shadowsong and Tamara arrived.

"This is where the beam stops," Tamara said.


"What is it?" Tamara asked. She went over to a piece of broken...jewel? It was deep violet, shaped like half of a donut...or a ring.

"*This* is what the Maidens wanted?"

(Well, they said to report back. So let's go to the forest and ride back from there.)

"Ok." And so they went.


The Maidens pondered the situation.

"Seems like someone must've gotten to it first," said Farore.

Tamara looked puzzled.

"But who would have a purpose for the Ringstone?" Din inquired.

"Morgana," Nayru said simply.

"Morgana?!" Tamara repeated.

"Yes. This jewel can release someone from the wild magic. But what bothers me is how could she haev done it. Another person must speak the rhyme," said Farore.

"And *that* person would've died.

"Strange. Well, we've done our job: informing a Jewel Rider of the disturbance. Now you must inform the others. This could be very dangerous for all of Avalon," said Nayru.

"Be sure to have reinforcements," said Din.

"Good luck to you four!" said Nayru.

The Guardian Maidens disappeared again, leaving Tamara and Shadowsong alone with the broken Ringstone.


The four Jewel Riders were in the Jewel Keep with Queen Anya. They put the jewel in a case, and Queen Anya was reading up on the Ringstone.

"Hey," said Princess Gwenevere. "I don't remember these jewels." She pointed at two jewels in a separate area of the display table. One in the shap of a drop, the other in the form of a long diamond. Queen Anya and the other three Jewel Riders came to where Gwenevere was.

"Oh. The Rainstone and the Snowstone. Enchanted jewels," the queen said simply.

"Like ours?" asked Trina.

"Yes. Except that these...well, although meant to be used actively, they never picked anyone, though magically fine," Anya continued.

"Anya!" a voice called from the door.

"Who is it?" she responded.

King Jared came through the door.

"A magical attack has just occured in Last Village," he said urgently.

Trina's eyes widened. "My village? Is everyone ok?"

"Yes. They're all fine. One villager said to have found a note that read `Avalon beware.' "

"How powerful was the attack?" Fallon asked.

"Very. One of the most powerful I've ever seen in my life."

" `Avalon beware'," Tamara repeated thoughtfully.

"The Pack is on their way back frome there," King Jared informed. "Should be back here by now."

Just then, Drake and Josh came in.

"Everything all right?" Gwen asked.

"Fine," Josh said.

"But I could swear I saw Kale there. Or at least hear her... laughing," Drake told them.

"Aunt Kale?!" Gwen exclaimed.

"But...didn't you kick Kale's but last time?" Trina asked.

"Well... she must've found the Ringstone...and...oh my gosh!" Tamara interjected.

"What is it?" Fallon asked.

"The Maidens said that someone else has to say the spell, and could die. If Kale is out, who spoke the spell?" Tamara continued.

"Anyway, the Ringstone went to Kale, meaning she is very powerful now. Even if it *is* half of it," Jared said. "It is going to be very tough for the four of you."

"Maybe too tough," Anya muttered. "Tamara, the Maidens were right. We need reinforcements. We need...we need to activate the Rainstone and the Snowstone."

"Wow! More Jewel Riders!" Trina said excitedly.

Queen Anya took the jewels from there spots on the table and handed one to Gwen and the other to Fallon.

"Trina, go with Fallon; Tamara with Gwen. The jewels will point you in the right direction," Queen Anya instructed.

The girls mounted their unicorns and headed off to wherever the jewels would take them.
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Chapter 2:
New finds mean new hope.

Author's note: This chapter may seem a bit boring, but it gets better in the next one. K? This is just b/c this is when the 2 new Jewel Riders come in so it's a bit....well drawn out and boring. Bare with me though. It *will* get better.

Gwenevere looked at the Rainstone in her hands.

"I wonder who the Rainstone Rider will be, and if she'll be nice," she said.

"I'll bet so.Go ahead. Tell the jewel to find her," Tamara urged.

"Together. Both of us," Gwen instructed.

They held the jewel with one hand each and chanted:

"Take us to your choice
Before it is too late!
Before Kale comes around
And delivers an awful fate!"

The Rainstone glowed an intense light blue. It sent out a shimmering magical trail. It led to the Rainstone Rider.

(Let's go.) said Sunstar.

As they began, the trail disappeared.

"I guess this is why this jewel was so hard to use," Gwen commented.

"Oh well. Maybe our jewel can track where the trail was," Tamara suggested.

"Maybe," Gwen said.

She looked at their map of Avalon.

"Look," she said to Tamara.

There was a light blue trail on the map. The Rainstone's trail.

"So *that's* where the trail went. Let's go!"


The Snowstone did the same thing to Fallon and Trina. They began their journey.

"Is this how you found me?" Trina asked.

"Something like it. The Starstone made a spot where we would find you on the map," Fallon said.

"And we ran into eachother. I guess it was fate."

(Hate to stop the fun, but where do we turn?) Moondance said when they reached a split in the road.

"Left," Fallon instructed.

The unicorns went on, and the girls continued their chatter.


"Good shot!" Aussie told her best friend Alexandra when she almost hit the bullseye on the archery target.

"Aw, geez! I was this close!" Alexandra said while she motioned a small space with her fingers. "Take a shot, Aus."

Aussie's shot was more off that Alexandra's.

"You'll get it soon."

"Thanks, Alex."

They were in their secret spot in the woods. They spent most of their time there, away from the stresses of life. Aussie's parents were the Duke and Dutchess of Fall District in the Riverdells, and Alexandra's parents lived in a log cabin in the woods behind the Duke's castle. Her father was a hunter, and her mother was a cook at the castle. Aussie and Alex had been friends since forever.

"I wonder what that attack at Last Village was all about," Alex said.

"Whatever it was, Mom and Dad are worried that it'll happen here too," Aussie informed.

"Well, they don't have to worry. The Jewel Riders will stop it."


They both shot at the target together, and were way off. They looked at eachother and laughed.

The four Jewel Riders met at the road that led into Fall District.

"I guess this is where the new Jewel Riders are," Fallon said.

"Where do we start looking?" Trina asked.

"Maybe we should split up. Pair with our unicorns. We'll cover a lot more ground that way," Tamara said.

"We tell eachother if we find anything all right? Let's ride!" the Princess said.


"Did you hear that?" Alex whispered to Aussie when they were on their way to Duke Mark's castle.

"Yeah. What was it?" Aussie asked. They heard the rustling again. Something moved behind the row of bushes on the side of the very small trail.

"Alex? Aussie?" asked a strong male voice.

"Dad?" Alex asked. A man with dars brown hair and hunting clothes stepped out from behind the tall bushes between him and the girls.

"Aussie, your mom wants you back at the castle," he said. Aussie nodded, waved her good-byes, and set off to the castle.

"Alex, go home. I need you to be careful. No telling what that magic attack was and if it'll happen here or not."

"But-but Dad! I'm always careful!" Alex complained.

"Well then get started on dinner. Your mom needs a break anyway."

Alex sighed. "All right. I'll go."



Aussie stopped, looking around for the source of the sound.

"Who-who's there?"

A unicorn with lavendar fur and a snowy mane stepped out from the behind the bushes, revealing half of herself and her two front legs to Aussie. She was wing-footed.

"Wow," Aussie breathed.

The unicorn looked abruptly in Aussie's direction. She hadn't noticed anyone there. She took a step back.

"Wait! I won't hurt you," Aussie said.

The unicorn looked at her unsurely, not wanting her to be a poacher. She just stepped a bit back. She'd been through too much to know about trusting humans...but this girl...she gave her a feeling that it was all right to walk up to her. One step forward, she took. Aussie stepped a bit towards her too, and the unicorn lowered her head. Aussie patted her silky smooth fur and ran her fingers through the soft mane. She giggled. What a wonderful experience.

"Aussie!" a voice called. It sounded low, so Aussie took a few steps towards it to hear it better.

"Aussie!" called the same woman. One of the maids at the castle.

"I'm coming!" she yelled back. She began to turn towards the unicorn. While turning, she said,"Listen I'll be-"

Where was the unicorn? She'd fled into the forest. (Obviously.) Aussie thought. She continued to head towards the castle, wondering if she'd meet with that unicorn again.


Alex heard a low neigh behind her house. She went to see what it was. She gasped. A green furred, beige maned, wing-footed unicorn was whimpering as he tried to get out of an entanglement of his mane and a branch.

"Here. I'll help," Alex said. She released the unicorn and told him to wait until she got a brush to comb out all the leaves and twigs in his mane. After a while, she came back and got his mane nice and shiny.

"Now go on. Get outta here," she said nicely. The unicorn looked at her and nodded. Then trotted off.

She turned to leave. "Bye," she whispered.

Trina welcomed the delicious smell of dinner with a smile.

"Smell that 'Wind?" she asked.

(Yes. Maybe we should get back.) Silverwind said.

"Yeah...hey, the Starstone can help guide, right?"

(Right.) Silverwind said unsurely.*(Not about the Starstone, more about what Trina was thinking.)*

"So maybe it can guide us to the Snowstone Rider."

(Try it.)

"Starstone, take us to the Snowstone's choice!"

After a while, Silverwind asked,(Well, did it work?)

"I-I don't know..."

The Starstone began to glow. Trina moved it around, the glow getting brighter in a certain direction.

"It worked! Go that way," Trina instructed.

After a while, they reached the Duke's castle. The guards were very nice, and when they noticed she was a Jewel Rider, they were even nicer.

Aussie sat in the courtyard. When she saw the visitors, she went over to them. If she was to be Dutchess, then she had to be proper, and this was her chance to practice on her very own.

"Hello. What brings you to Fall District?" Aussie asked politely.

The Starstone shone brightly.

"Hello. I'm Trina, the Starstone Rider. This is Silverwind, my companion. The Jewel Riders need to speak with you," Trina said.


"Yes. Let me tell them." She lifted up her Starstone. "Fallon, I've found her. I'm at the Duke's castle." Done. "She'll ne here soon."

(Found me?) Aussie thought. She let it go, they would explain. She invited her visitors to rest, and she sat with them, to have a chat while they waited. Soon afterwards, Fallon arrived. She greeted Fallon, and was told of the Snowstone's choice.

"We leave tomorrow," Fallon said.

"Wow! There was another jewel? Wow! Oh, I have to tell Alex!" Aussie said excitedly. She couldn't contain her smile.

Fallon laughed. "Go tell your parents first!"

Aussie went inside to tell them.

"Gosh, I remember being this excited," Trina said.

"I guess we've all felt that way," was Fallon's answer.


Gwenevere found the Rainstone Rider in a similar way, except she used the Rainstone.

"I seriously can't believe this! *I'm* the Rainstone Rider? Oh wait 'til Aussie hears about this!" Alex babbled. She went inside to tell her parents about the Rainstone's selection.

"Energetic, isn't she?" Tamara said smiling.

"Yeah. But isn't this cool? The past months have been so exciting!"

Alex returned with her parents, and the Jewel Riders told them about the Friendship Ceremony.


The next day at the Crystal Palace, the girls were shown to their rooms. Both of them were very excited, and were just *dying* to get to the Friendship Ceremony.

"Oh Aussie! Jewel Riders! Can you believe it?" Alex babbled. Aussie was doing Alex's hair.

"I didn't think it was possible. I thought there were only three enchanted jewels at first. Then the Starstone showed up, and now this! It's fate, Alex. It's fate!" Aussie said as she finished the last of the numerous small braids coming from Alex's pigtails.


The door opened up a crack, and Tamara poked her head in.

"Ok to come in?" she asked.

"Sure," the other two said in unison.

Tamara came in, two beautiful gowns in hand.

"Fittings for the ball," she said, handing them each a dress.

"Oh, they're gorgeous!" Aussie exclaimed. As future Dutchess, she was used to wearing dresses like this.

"Yeah, they're...nice," Alex said slowly.

"You don't like it? I could change it," Tamara said.

"No. No it's not that. It's just gonna take some getting used to. But it *is* beautiful," Alex agreed.

Tamara smiled. The girls put their dresses in their closets, and prepaired for the ceremony.


The two Jewel-Riders-to-be-inagurated were applauded upon entering the Friendship Ring. The Snowstone Rider walked up to the animals waiting in line. She held up the Snowstone to each. Only two remained: a unicorn with shades of pink, and a lagre snake-like dragon in purple. She held up the Snowstone to each. The crowd gasped. Why hadn't it worked?

"What's happening? Why didn't it work?" Alex whispered to Tamara.

"The Snowstone doesn't sense a really strong bond of friendship," Tamara whispered her answer.

Just then, a lavendar, snowy-maned unicorn soundlessly drifted in from the entrance, her winged feet carrying her. Aussie smiled. She held up the Snowstone to it, knowing this was it. The Snowstone became two, one piece going to the unicorn, the other to Aussie.

(My name is Snowstorm,) the unicorn told her companion.

"I'm Aussie."


Another unicorn sneaked in unnoticed. Alex was holding up the Rainstone to the animals, and it split with that green, beige-maned, wing-footed unicorn.

"Hello, I'm Alex," Alex said, huge smile on her face.

(Brightwater.) said the boy unicorn.

The two new Jewel Riders stood beside eachother.

"By the magic of the Rainstone!"

"By the magic of the Snowstone!"

Alex and Brightwater were surrounded by shimmering magic, which left Alex with light green, light blue, and beige jewel armor, and Brightwater got a matching collar.

The crowd went wild.
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PisanieTemat: Re: (fanfiction archive) Hope Comes in Pairs by Stormy & StarryTamara   Nie Lis 13, 2011 8:54 am

Author's note: now the action starts. ^_^

After the ceremony there was a ball, and after that the six Jewel Riders met at Aussie's room, their unicorns with them.

Silverwind knew there was something about the Rainstone unicorn...he looked strangely familiar...

[Brightwater, is that you?] she asked him.

[Yes...Tylien? Is it really you? I thought I'd never see you again!] Brightwater replied. They had a reunion and involved the other Jewel Rider unicorns as well. Thegirls had a chatter of their own.

"I thought I was gonna be rejected. It was so creepy," Aussie said.

"Good thing Snowstorm came in. She's so beautiful!" Alex said.

Trina shot a glance in the way of the unicorns.

"If you aske me, I think Brightwater thinks so too!" she said. They all laughed at that.

"Well we should all get some sleep. No telling what can come up tomorrow," Gwenevere said.

"You guys are lucky. When *I* became a Jewel Rider, the action wouldn't stop!" Trina said.

They all left for there rooms, and their unicorns followed.


The next day, the new Jewel Riders were taken to the Jewel Keep. They were told about the Ringstone, and the incident with the maidens.

"Amazing," was among their many remarks.

"Jewel Riders!" came from the hall.

"Max? What is it?" Queen Anya asked worridly when she saw the look on Max the Wolf Rider's face.

"It's Kale. She left a message for you. She told me to tell you she's going to attack Fall District," he continued.

"What?! But, why?" Aussie exclaimed, afraid of what could happen.

"Where's she gonna hit? My parents live in the woods," Alex said, more calmed and serioius then Aussie.

"I don't know for sure. She didn't say," was the response.

Gwenevere took action:
"All right then. Max, get the Pack and guards all over Fall District-"

"No! Are you crazy?! You'll be so obvioius!" Aussie cut her off.

"Yeah. That's like dressing in red to go hunting," Alex said. "The guards could disguise themselves as townspeople; maybe then they'd look lesss obvious."

"I agree," said Fallon.

"But *we* have to be there too," Tamara said.

"Right. Jewel Riders, let's ride!" Gwen said.


[I was thinking: what if this is a false alarm so Kale can attack somewhere else?] Brightwater suggested. The six Jewel Riders were riding around a field in Fall District.

"That's why the Pack is at the palace: just in case Kale *does* show up and tries to steal something," Alex replied.

"Or maybe she heard about you two and wants to challenge us," Tamara said.

"Or..." said an utterly familiar voice behind them. "Maybe I just want to show off!"

"Kale!" Gwen exclaimed.

The Darkstone was bonded to the Kale's half of the Ringstone. She shot a powerful blast of wild magic at them. They all called on their armor:

"By the magic of the Sunstone!"
"By the magic of the Moonstone!"
"By the magic of the Heartstone!"
"By the magic of the Starstone!"
"By the magic of the Rainstone!"
"By the magic of the Snowstone!"

(If seeing one Jewel Rider do this is cool, seeing six must be spectacular!)

It was a zapout battle which Kale was effortlessly winning. She charged the DarkRingstone for a most powerful attack, giving the Jewel Riders some time for some precautions.

"Get your visors on!" Gwenevere yelled. "And a magic shield!"

Alex and Aussie's shields weren't as strong, for they were less experienced. Alex hadn't heard the part about the visors, and when her shield broke, the blast hit her hard on the face. Aussie screamed when her shield broke. Then the magic returned to the stone. Kale laughed evily.

"I won't destroy this pathetic county, but now you know what you're dealing with. Do what I say, or suffer the consequences!" she said. She laughed again.

Aussie opened her mouth to speak, but no sound came out.

"Guys where are you?! I can't see!" Alex yelled. She was hugged to Brightwater's neck. They were both laying on the floor.

[This jewel is better than I thought.] Kale thought. She disappeared, leaving the Jewel Riders alone.

Brightwater helped Alexandra stand; opening her eyes in the blast without visors had left her blind. Aussie's voice was captured by the magic, along with Alexandra's sight.

"I didn't know Kale could do that," Trina said.

Again Aussie tried to speak, but nothing was heard. Tamara noticed.

"Try speaking through your jewel," she told her.

Aussie nodded. Bits of what she said were heard, and her jewel flashed when she spoke.

[Thanks---take so---getti---used---to.] It was just the same sound of her voice, as if she were coming through a not-so-good radio signal.

Tamara giggled.

"Don't try so hard. Pretend you're not having an out-loud conversation," she instructed.

Aussie breathed in, and let it out slowly. She spoke with pauses.

[Is this better?] she asked.

"You'll get used to it," Tamara said.

Brightwater guided Alex to the others.

"At least you can see," she told Aussie.

[Can we get back what we've lost from Kale?] Aussie asked.

"We'll have to try," Fallon said.

"In the meantime, Alex, we can get you a red jewel tipped cane," Gwenevere said.

"Thank you," Alex replied.

Aussie and Trina helped her get up on Brightwater, and they rode back to New Camelot.


[How do you feel?] Snowstorm asked Aussie.

[Fine, now that I can handle this. Alex you are *so* lucky you can use your voice.] she said.

"But you have no idea what it's like not to see!" Alex said. "Snowstorm, could you neigh for me please?"

Snowstorm neighed. Alex used the cane to get to her. It took her a little while, but she was getting the hang of it.

"That wasn't so bad," Alex said. "I guess I learned to use sounds better. All right!"

[Wait 'til I get my hoofs on Kale.] Brightwater said. [She's gonna get it.]

[Revenge isn't always what's best.] Aussie said.

[She's right. What goes around comes around.] Snowstorm pitched in.

Brightwater sighed.

[I guess so. But I *still* can't wait.] Brightwater offered.

"I just want to see again. 'Water, let's go. I wanna find out if I can still see in dreams. *That* would make me happy," Alex said. She and Brightwater left the room.


Kale sat on her throne, observing the DarkRingstone.

"If only I could get the other half. But...how?" she thought aloud.

"Maybe you could call it with your half," Morgana said as she appeared before Kale.

"I see you've survived," Kale said. She smiled mischeviously. "Not a bad idea. DarkRingstone, get the other half!"

They waited. Only an image of it in the Jewel Keep appeared.

"Well now we know where it is," Morgana said.

Kale rolled her eyes.

"The stone is more powerful with what it got from those two Jewel Riders. One's sight, the other's voice."

Morgana smiled.

"When do you plan on returning it?" she asked.

Kale smiled thoughtfully.

"For the Ringstone," she said.

"I see I've trained you well," Morgana commented.


[Gwen! Your mother wants to see us in the Jewel Keep.] Sunstar said to wake up a late-sleeping Princess Gwenevere.

"Cu-mehn," she said through her pillow. She got up and got dressed and headed to the Jewel Keep.

Upon entering, all eyes fell upon her. (Except, of course, Alex's)

"Uh..Sorry. I overslept," she said. Everyone still looked at her. "So, what's up?" she continued.

Queen Anya supported herself with her hands on the center table.

"An attack to Overlook Castle in the Great Plains occured. Kale took the Plains Jewel," she said solemnly.

"What?!" asked the shocked princess.

"The DarkRingstone is so powerful it, can blast through just about anything," Fallon said.

"And that's only half of it," Alex said, gripping the top of her cane.

"What are we supposed to do?" Gwen asked.

"Bond the other half of the Ringstone with one of your jewels," Anya said.

"Not to mention train you two a bit more," Trina said, referring to the two new Jewel Riders.

"Which stone?" Tamara asked. "Which would be our best bet?"

"Why don't you go help out these two young ladies first, then we'll see what happens," Queen Anya instructed.


"Ok. The books has a list of code words. Try them out," Tamara was telling Aussie when they were outside.

[Don't I have to use my voice?] Aussie inquired.

Tamara bit her lip.

"I think you're right.....but try it out anyway. You never know," she comforted.

Aussie sighed. [Ok...um...Howling Wind!]

The Snowstone went white, then shot out a thick beam of wind that carried icicles.

[Stop!] Aussie commanded. She didn't know how the same jewel could talk for her *and* obey her at the same time.

[Wow! That was awesome!]

"Yeah!" Tamara commented.

Trina was helping Alex.

"Raging Storm!" Alex shouted. The Rainstone went bright light blue and a light blue beam with wind and rain shot out from the stone. Though she couldn't see it, she felt the force coming from it, strong enough to knock itself out of her grasp.

"Stop!" Upon the comand, the beam ceased. "That felt amazing!" she said.

"It looks a lot like the Starstone's Midnight Blast," Trina said. "I think we shoul help the other three with some of *their* code words."

Fallon had Moonlight Glow; Gwen had Bright Sunlight; and Tamara had Sweet Friendship.

*)Back at the Jewel Keep(*

"I am very impressed with you girls," said Queen Anya. "But I still don't know what to do about the Ringstone."

The lights flickered. The girls remained still.

Gwen spoke up. "What was-"

"Wait," Alex said. "I hear something." She paused and listened. Her hearing had gotten better since the loss of her sight. "Thunder. And wind. Strong wind."

Aussie went to the window. [Red lightning.] she said.

"Kale," said Trina.

Queen Anya took the Ringstone in her hands. She lifted them up, and the stone floated and slowly spun around. It shone brightly.

"Choose an enchanted jewel to bond with!" Anya commanded it. She took it in her hand and held it up to all the enchanted jewels. It reacted to Alex, but it didn't bond with the Rainstone. Aussie told her the news.

Trina motioned for the queen to let her see the jewel. She tossed it. Just then, thunder crashed, and the lights flickered off. Trina missed the toss.

"Everyone stay calm," Tamara said. "The lights should come back on soon."

"I'll get the jewel," Alex volunteered. "It's not like I won't be able to see because it's so dark."

"It's worth a try," Gwen said. She held the Sunstone at the height of her head to light the room a bit, and so did everyone else; they lit like small colored candles. Alex felt around with her cane, and it touched something. She bent down and felt around with her hand. It was the Ringstone. She took it in her hand and propped both on the cane to help herself stand.

"Got it!" Alex said. They came over and lit the area.

"I can't believe it," Fallon said.

"What? What is it?" Alex questioned.

"Unbelievable," Gwen continued.

"Guys?" Alex prompted.

"I didn't think it could be possible," said Queen Anya.

"What is it?!" Alex demanded.

[The Ringstone bonded with the diamond on the top of your cane.] Aussie said.

Alex felt the top of the cane. "Wow," she said. "I guess now it should get the name of a jewel."

"How about StaffRingstone?" Trina suggested.

Alex nodded in agreement.

The storm grew fierce, extremely fierce.

"Maybe we should go track Kale," Fallon suggested.

[Maybe the two Ringstones could find eachother.] Aussie offered.

"Let me see," Alex said. She lifted her cane.

"Ring divided,
Ringstone strong,
Find the piece that we so long!"
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